Choosing the Right Delivery Partner

by | Nov 12, 2019

Delivery companies and entrepreneurs are natural partners. And in St. Louis, a city with so many innovative and creative businesses, it’s really important to find the right company to handle your product in that final mile. Like any other urban hub, St. Louis businesses are all connected through the same complex logistical web. Like any other city, that web relies on fast, friendly and affordable logistical services to keep it afloat.

Locally owned logistics companies, such as Zipp Express, specialize in quick and efficient delivery within the St. Louis area. These companies speed up the communication and development of the St. Louis economy. If you are like most business owners in America, you are constantly trying to eliminate waste from your processes. One way many of us could save a few headaches is through the use of express courier services.

Are You Using the Best Delivery Partner For Your Business?

Unfortunately, plenty of business managers in St. Louis don’t properly utilize these services, leading to unnecessarily high budgets and wasted time. If your business is looking for ways to make life easier, partnering with a local courier company might be just what you need.

Just like any other business relationship, it is important to consider a few fundamental aspects of each company so you can choose the partnership that most benefits you. Not every express delivery partner is the same.

Time is Money

When you have responsibilities, time is incredibly valuable. It seems we never have enough of it. This is true in regards to the amount of time you have in a day and how efficiently you spend it. The best ways to make your business more time-efficient are to either delegate or automate tasks frequently.

Partnering with Zipp Express allows you to do both of these. If you need to get a package or letter delivered across the city, that could eat two hours of your day. Those two hours could be spent producing more value for your business. Furthermore, when we have a lot on our mind, we are less focused. Delegating simple delivery tasks to a group of reliable professionals gives you peace of mind, giving you even more intangible benefits.

The Right Delivery Partner Will Save You Money

Business owners are typically most concerned with the bottom line. Some days, it may seem worth it to just deliver an object yourself across the city. After all, you can save a quick buck doing it if it isn’t too inconvenient.

It’s a common misconception that express services are too expensive. Business owners who utilize courier services spend considerably less than expected. When you are partnering with an express delivery company, be sure to ask about their rates and how they fare against the competition. Chances are sending that package from the loop to a south county office isn’t too expensive.

Zipp Will Meet and Exceed Your Expectations

When it comes to employing courier services, one of the biggest fears business owners might have is losing control of the delivery. This is especially true if that delivery is time-sensitive or crucial. The aim of any sensible logistics company should be to reduce your stress as much as possible. When it comes to execution, a great express delivery company completes their assignment on time, every time.

Make sure you check a company’s credentials before making a decision. Also, you should always be willing to try another company if your current partner is inconsistent or unreliable.

After you use one company’s services a few times, though, you can begin to factor that in to your normal operating budget. When you are certain your delivery will be consistently on time, it reduces your company’s risk and frees up even more time.

Zipp Does it All!

A good delivery partner is fast, efficient and affordable. Great companies, though, have something extra. They base their entire business model around customer satisfaction, and it shows through their services.

It is no accident when an express delivery company is great. Typically, this customer-first mentality starts at the top of the business and resonates throughout the ranks. If done right, you can see it in each employee, from the sales representative to the delivery professional.

This is one final consideration because a company can provide all the other benefits listed without that warm partnership but a company cannot be a friendly and trusted partner without first adhering to the other standards. Although it is intangible, it is what separates the good companies from the great.

Courier services can be an enjoyable way to save your business time and money.

At Zipp Express, we are committed to providing the best delivery services in St. Louis. We work tirelessly to ensure we provide exactly what a cutting-edge delivery company should.This means placing an emphasis on excellent customer service, providing every possible efficiency-increasing resource to our team members, and following through with each job until it is complete.

Call today to learn more about what we can do to make your life easier.

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