Best Courier services in St. Louis – the Zipp Express Advantage

by | Feb 13, 2018

Don’t just ship it – Zipp it!

If you’re crunched for time and need to get something across St. Louis fast, our courier services can get the job done.

Courier services are best known for their superior speed and tracking capabilities relative to national mailing services, such as UPS or FedEx. They have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to technological advances that make ordering and tracking courier deliveries simpler than ever.

At Zipp Express, we focus our business on delivering the best courier services in the city. We make sure every single delivery satisfies our customers’ needs, resulting in shipments that are consistently fast, on-time and competitively priced.

We utilize a fleet of cars and vans that traverse a 150-mile radius of St. Louis daily. Our professional delivery drivers are trained to handle just about every kind of shipment.

No matter what you need shipped or when you need it delivered, we can get it done. Here are a few ways we help businesses and customers transform their logistics:

Small Parcels

When you’re running a business, or juggling four different projects are the office, driving all the way across St. Louis can seem like a waste of time. Time is a very valuable thing and it shouldn’t be spent on something you can confidently delegate. That’s where we come in.

Zipp Express offers residential and commercial small parcel delivery options in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. Our drivers are professional, courteous, and have extensive background checks for your peace of mind.

Let us worry about that small envelope arriving within a few hours. You can still keep an eye on your high-priority mail through our tracking system which gives you frequent updates and keeps you informed of our progress.

Confidential documents

If your parcel is confidential in nature, it is extremely important that you can trust the company you hire to transport it. For delivery companies, we believe it isn’t about the things they haven’t done wrong, but rather the things that do right.

Our focus is on giving you a reason to trust us. We apply this philosophy to every delivery project we undertake, resulting is a long list of extremely satisfied clients. 

Our professional drivers have complete background checks to give you peace of mind, and you can rest assured that your confidential documents will arrive safe, secure and on time. We deliver both residential and commercial documents, such as banking, medical records, and real estate closing documents.

Auto parts

Auto parts can be logistically challenging if you aren’t fully prepared for everything it entails. At Zipp Express, we are.

Whether on call or dedicated routes, we are always ready to transport your auto parts. Our fleet of dedicated vans, cargo vans, and sprinters are well equipped to handle any gadget you throw our way.

Zipp Express will provide the appropriate vehicle and driver to handle your auto part deliveries wherever they need to go within a 150-air mile radius of St. Louis.

Dedicated and seasonal routes

Here is the real beauty of courier services in the St. Louis area: it is incredibly versatile.

One day, you may realize you need a same-day shipment in a heartbeat. Perhaps something slipped through your planning schedule or a last minute shipment came in some other way. At that time, a courier delivery can save your day.

However, courier services create the most value when they are planned ahead of time. If you know you will need a quick shipment on certain days, you can partner with Zipp Express and develop a schedule. Once your plan is in place, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to ship your package across the city each time you need it.

This saves you time and stress as it allows you to construct your busy schedule around the fact you have a partner who consistently delivers on-time, every time.

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly delivery service routes to accommodate your time frame. Our experienced, professional drivers will handle any route, including pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, mail, payroll, banking, auto parts, or any other items you need transported.


There are reason we have a distinct advantage over our competitors: culture and execution. Each member of our organization is dedicated to satisfying your delivery needs in the most efficient and helpful manner possible all while adoring a big smile on their face.

We work with our customers to satisfy their unique needs. Just because a parcel or package type wasn’t listed here doesn’t mean we can’t deliver it.

Call today to learn more about our courier services!

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