Final Mile Delivery And Your Customers

by | Sep 1, 2023

Zipp Express is the go-to-delivery service for many St Louis businesses and residents. We offer a flexible variety of transport and storage options such as local trucking services, courier services, short-and long-term storage in our warehouse, and specialized options such as white glove delivery, asset recovery, NFO, airport freight recovery, seasonal deliveries, and more. But most of what we do revolves around final mile delivery, or what is sometimes known as last mile delivery.

If you’re here because you want to understand what final mile delivery is and how it works and whether or not you need it, you’ve come at a great time. If you’re here because you’re in search of a final mile delivery partner, then you’ve still come at a great time. Today you’ll learn about our approach to the service and how to contact us as well.


Definition of Final Mile Delivery

Final mile delivery is the last stage of the supply chain where goods are transported from a distribution center or fulfillment center to the customer’s threshold.

Typically, goods are ordered by either a business or a single customer. Those goods are taken from a warehouse and put on a truck or airplane and transported to a central hub, distribution center, or fulfillment center that labels and organizes the shipments and puts them on the right truck or airplane and either delivers them to the customer or hands them off to a final mile delivery company. That company is responsible for delivering them to the final destination.

There are national companies that do this. The two best known are UPS and FedEx. They have their place in the supply chain, but a local last mile delivery service will often be a more efficient option. When a company specializes in one territory, they are authorities on all the ins and outs of that city and its outlying communities. They will know when school is letting out, what to do in inclement weather (like floods or snow and ice), and when special local events are likely to interfere with the planned route.

Zipp Express is laser-focused on serving the St Louis area and can get the shipment to the customer sooner than someone with a million orders sitting in a warehouse. Over the road delivery partners can bring it to our local 40,000 square foot warehouse where it can either easily be cross docked onto one of our many types of delivery vehicles or stored until the merchant or resident is ready for it. With 25 ft ceilings and 40-foot spans between columns, we can store freight regardless of size. We also offer secure storage for sensitive equipment, medical supplies, and expensive freight. Our warehouse is conveniently located in St. Louis, just one-mile west of I-270 off I-70, less than ten minutes from the St. Louis Lambert Airport. And because our lot is easily accessed and large enough to make turning and backing up easy, delivery partners can get in and out and back on their way without delay.

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Why local final mile delivery is a better choice

Last mile delivery is crucial for customer satisfaction and plays a significant role in shaping the overall retail experience. It is often the most visible part of the supply chain, and a positive delivery experience can enhance a retailer’s reputation.

Local final mile delivery with accurate and timely notifications improves the overall customer experience and leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Customers like knowing when their shipment will be delivered. Especially if they are running a business and need to know when to expect it so they can make room for it. Zipp Express is locally owned and we hire locally as well. Our drivers know St. Louis and the surrounding areas. And we use the latest tracking software so our customers can see exactly where their freight is and when it will arrive. We can deliver your shipment to any specified location within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis and always have the right sized truck available, whether it’s a flatbed, tractor trailer, straight truck, or sprinter. We never use more truck than needed and can send extra people to ensure that your shipment is carefully unloaded and placed where the customers want it.

In contrast, when out of area drivers are loaded with freight bound for destinations outside of the local delivery area, they face challenges the local drivers don’t. They have to count on their GPS to get them to their destination, don’t have time to find shortcuts and familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of local traffic. It is common for one of the larger chains to report that they were unable to deliver as shipment and would attempt it again another day. This is frustrating for business owners and residents as well.

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Other Benefits To You And Your Customers

Cost savings for businesses

Efficient last delivery reduces costs related to failed deliveries, returns, and rescheduling. Optimized routes and delivery processes can lead to significant cost savings for businesses.

Reduced carbon emissions

Efficient last mile delivery strategies, such as route optimization and consolidation, can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to sustainability goals. The fewer vehicles on the roads, the better for the environment.

Access to additional services

Relying on local delivery partners like Zipp Express gives you and your customers access to a number of combinable services such as White Glove Delivery LFO and over the threshold delivery. And when you need to get something to a customer super quick, you can fly it in and count on easy airport recovery with pre-screened TSA compliant drivers.

Clear Communications

Because we deliver locally, we make a special point of keeping your customers abreast of the whereabouts of their freight, both through automated tracking and direct contact when necessary.

Why choose Zipp Express as your last mile delivery partner?

Zipp’s motto is “On time—every time!” Being in the delivery business for over thirty years has given us a great deal of insight into how to treat customers. We are locally owned and operated and our reputation depends on our local customers’ satisfaction. When you choose us as a shipping partner, from first contact to last, you will find our staff, drivers, and crews to be professional: courteous and helpful at all times. They will provide you and your customers with all requested documentation and unload or load your shipment with exacting care.

As you can see, Zipp Express is a superb choice for all your commercial transport needs. Reliability is central to everything Zipp Express does. Our experience and determination to give the best service every time benefits both you and your customers. And as you can see from our reviews on the Courier Board, we deliver on our promises. Call 314-842-8877 today or contact us online and give Zipp Express a chance to show you what we can do for you!

Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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