How to decide which delivery service is right for you

by | Dec 12, 2017

No matter what you need to transport, there is a delivery solution for you. Find out which service best suits your business.

Choosing the right delivery service for your business should be a cinch. If you know what your business needs to get done, all you need is a little research on the companies in your area. Professional delivery companies provide a wide range of services that fit almost every business need.

If you are looking for same-day a delivery service within your city, companies like Zipp Express in St. Louis provide quick and efficient execution. These professionals also handle more sensitive deliveries for things like medical equipment and other white glove supplies.

Once you determine the requirements of your delivery, you can schedule that service at any specific time of your choosing. Here is a look at the most common types of delivery services offered to businesses in the St. Louis area:


Courier services provide expedited delivery for parcels of all types. Whether you are shipping an envelope or a special care package, delivery companies can transport your product in a matter of hours.

This service is typically used for quick orders across the city limits. They come in handy when you are pressed for time and the arrival of your product is urgent. Experienced professionals can handle any parcel, including pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, payroll, confidential documents and more.

While a one-time use of a courier delivery is helpful, it’s true value shows when you schedule a delivery ahead of time. If you preemptively understand you will need quick transports often, you can schedule recurring or seasonal services ahead of time. This allows you to make your future projections based upon a more efficient delivery system.


Delivery Service Zipp Express Airport Final Mile cargo pickup

Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri

If the object of your delivery is larger, you can schedule a trucking delivery service. Typically, larger deliveries require more time, but many top-notch companies can offer expedited deliveries in this area, too.

The ideal delivery enterprise can ship cargo of all sizes from a huge radius within your designated city. Additionally, they often provide real-time tracking, signature capture methods and point-of-delivery notifications, keeping you informed throughout the process.

One of the most common uses for trucking services are final-mile delivery and asset recovery. Companies like Zipp Express are TSA compliant and can fetch your cargo from the St. Louis Lambert International Airport for you. Afterwards, they can ship it straight to your desired destination.

Much like courier services, you can schedule recurring deliveries at your convenience, reducing uncertainty in your delivery routes.


When you need storage assistance, many logistics companies are ready to help. Whether you are transporting your cargo from a warehouse to it’s destination, or partnering with the company to store your cargo temporarily, you can find assistance.

High-performance companies like Zipp Express provide essential cross-docking services to their clients in addition to their final mile expertise.

Additionally, they provide storage space when and where you need it most. Most professionals maintain a centrally-located warehouse so delivery within the network is efficient when necessary. This allows you to keep your cargo “on-deck” and ready for shipment at any time.

In Zipp Express’s case, the storage warehouse is located in St. Louis, just one-mile west of I-270 off I-70.


Finally, when you need to deliver high-end parcels, express delivery companies are there to help. Industry-leading logistics companies provide serious value because they provide special care for high-profile shipments while simultaneously maximizing the delivery’s efficiency.

Depending on the attention required, companies can offer individual or multi-man teams that are experienced in special care delivery. This is typically the case with medical equipment, where sensitivity and attention are crucial.

In addition to handling the equipment, many companies have trained professionals who help with set-up and debris removal. You can also blend this specialty with warehouse storage services.


No matter what delivery service your business needs, there is a company out there ready to help. Just as important as finding what service you need is finding the right partner to get the job done. In St. Louis, Zipp Express is the best in the business at executing these crucial services.

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