How Zipp Express Can Make Your Business More Efficient

by | Jul 12, 2022

Zipp Express can make your business more efficient. And a more efficient business is a more successful and effective business. There are four ways Zipp Express can improve your business’s efficiency. We have a wide delivery area; we save you time on your job; we offer competitive rates; we communicate with our customers.

We’re fortunate to have a large and diverse group of innovative and creative businesses in St. Louis. The many tech startup companies, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs rely on a complex logistical web of resources and infrastructure. Like any city, that web relies on fast, friendly, and affordable logistical services to keep it afloat.

Whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop or a large corporation, every business owner in America today is trying to eliminate waste – waste of time, waste of money, waste of resources. Costs continue to rise and it’s more important than ever to run an efficient, streamlined business.

One way to make your business more efficient is by using an express courier service. Zipp Express is the courier service you need to call when you need a fast, reliable company to save you time and money.

Zipp Express can make your work life easier. Here’s why.

Zipp Express Delivers Near and Far

Zipp Express specializes in quick and efficient delivery within the St. Louis area. Our delivery services extend to a 150-air mile radius. We service all the main corridors in the St. Louis metro area and beyond, including as far West as Columbia and points into Southern Illinois.

But what if your company needs something delivered to one of the coasts? We can do that too! We have expedited services in the contiguous United States. Contact us for a quote on our rates.

Zipp Express Saves You Time

Isn’t it odd how we never seem to have enough time, even though we have more time management tools available to us than ever before? If you always feel pressed for time, you’re not alone. But savvy business owners and entrepreneurs know how to delegate work.

One major time-suck task is making deliveries, especially if that isn’t the thrust of your business. If you have something you need delivered, you don’t want to have to pull someone off the job to do that. You need a dedicated driver. Zipp Express is your dedicated driver.

Zipp Express has been a great addition to the efficiency of our office. We had been sending a graphic designer to run design drawings to offices all over St. Louis. Between his time, mileage reimbursement, etc., it became cumbersome to simply take a landscape drawing across town. Now, we just make one phone call and leave the plans in our drop box at the front of the office. Zipp takes it from there and we can move onto the next project.

James Weishaar

Operations Manager, Baxter Gardens – Chesterfield

Zipp Express Saves You Money

Business owners are typically most concerned with the bottom line. Some days, it may easier to just deliver an item across the city yourself. After all, you can save a few dollars doing it if it isn’t too inconvenient.

This line of thinking is based on a common misconception: that express services are too expensive. The reality of the industry is that courier services have become more affordable than ever.

Business owners who use courier services spend considerably less than expected. When you are partnering with an express delivery company, be sure to ask about their rates and how they fare against the competition. Chances are, sending that package from the Loop to a South County office isn’t too expensive, especially if your employee is losing productive time away from their desk to do the delivery run.

Remember: time is money. Zipp Express saves you time and saves you money.

Zipp Express Talks to You

We’ve all had this experience: we have a question for a business or we have a problem with an order. We call the company and we are less than satisfied. Maybe no one picked up the phone. Or we left a message and no one returned our call or email. Or we get shuffled from one person to another in our quest for an answer.

Zipp Express doesn’t do that. We keep the lines of communication open with our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular client or a one-off customer, we talk, text and email you.

Wonder when your package will be delivered? Our dispatch software can send you email updates throughout the delivery process, including the proof of delivery. As an account holder, you can also log in to view the delivery signature.

Our main phone number is answered 24/7/365 by Zipp Express dispatchers so you will always be able to place your order or receive delivery updates.

They were in constant contact with me before delivery.


Zipp Express Can Make Your Business Efficient

Saving you time and money while offering you a wide delivery area and actually communicating with you – that’s how Zipp Express can make your business efficient, leaving you time to do what you love to do best – run your business.

Call today to learn more about what we can do to make your life easier.

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