How Zipp Express’s Courier Service Can Help Your Business

by | Mar 15, 2023

Whether you run a large corporation, small company, or mom-and-pop shop, you have the same need – to run your business as efficiently as possible, with the resources you have.

That’s where Zipp Express can help. Our courier service can help your business in five ways: time, money, scheduling convenience, tracking and security.


Time is money. When you are deep into a project on data management, you don’t want to interrupt your focus to deliver a package to a partner across town. When you’re in a meeting with the vice president of operations, you can’t stop to make sure an important document went out in the mail. And if you have a time-sensitive document that needs to be delivered somewhere, you want to be able to trust that the job was done.

That’s how Zipp Express can help.

We hire local drivers, so our couriers know St. Louis. They know the roads and traffic patterns. They know what the weather conditions are like during summer, when sudden rainstorms can bring traffic to a crawl.

When you need a parcel to get across town in a timely manner, and I-270 is jammed, our drivers can find alternate routes to get your package to its destination on time.

Scheduling Convenience

Speaking of time, what’s great about Zipp Express’s courier service is its flexibility AND its consistency. That might seem like a contradiction of terms, but it isn’t, really.


You can’t always predict when you need to have something delivered. Let’s say you work in a law firm. Your top attorney is in court and you realize she’s missing a key document for her argument. Everyone else is busy with other cases so you call Zipp Express to arrange a fast delivery to the courthouse.

We can handle it! We offer same day service to help with those last-minute emergencies that happen to everyone.


But the real value to a business – large, mid-sized or small – is a regularly scheduled pickup and delivery service.

We specialize in delivering small parcels such as lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, small shipments of office supplies, medical supplies and automotive parts. Because of that, many of our drivers have dedicated routes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We also have seasonal routes for busy times of the year.

So, if your clinic needs specimens sent to a lab daily, contact us to set up your regular pick-up and delivery times. Getting specimens to the lab is something your office manager can check off that day’s to-do list.


Zipp Express practices the philosophy of using the right tool for the right job in the right way. This means that we don’t charge you for using a cargo van to deliver your document when a driver in a car can do the job.

On the other hand, if we have a box truck headed in your direction, we’ll ask that driver to deliver your document, saving us the time and vehicle use of a separate driver. We pass those savings on to you.

You can count on us to provide the best driver and vehicle for the job you need us to do.

And there’s no need to worry about losing money if your parcel or document gets lost or damaged. Zipp Express is fully insured against loss. If something happens to your item while it’s in our possession, we cover your loss.


Regardless of who you are – business owner, new home buyer, parent or grandparent – we know your item is important to you. That’s why we use state-of-the-art package tracking and proof of delivery. We are only too happy for you to see where your parcel, package, or document is going and when it gets there.

This is especially important if you have time sensitive deliveries such as real estate closing paperwork.


Because items carried by door-to-door couriers do not need to be transferred between vans or trains and a succession of depots, or moved around within depots, your package or document is secure.

Our professional drivers have complete background checks to give you peace of mind. Whether we’re delivering residential or commercial documents, such as banking, medical records, and real estate closing documents, you can rest assured that your confidential documents will arrive safe, secure and on time.


We began as a courier service more than 30 years ago and we continue to offer this service to the St. Louis metropolitan area. Since then, we’ve expanded to a full-service shipping and delivery company.

Whatever your shipping needs are – large, small, residential or commercial – give us a call at 314-8428877 or contact us online. We can help!

Don’t Ship it, Zipp it!

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