Next Flight Out: Winning the Race

by | Mar 10, 2022

Hands down, no question about it, Next Flight Out (NFO) Shipping is the quickest way to get cargo where it needs to be on short notice. Most customers who shop online say they look at the method and shipping times before making a purchase. Customers now consider shipping speed to be a critical part of customer service. This means businesses are in a race to meet customer needs. And those with easy access to NFO shipping are more likely to win. Zipp Express helps merchants cross the finish line.   

Let’s take a look at exactly how NFO works, why Zipp Express is the best choice, and the many ways it’s used. 

How Does Next Flight Out Work?

The process is straight-forward enough. The provider—Zipp Express in this case—receives a request from a merchant for Next Flight Out Service. We find the airline with a flight that meets the merchant’s needs and coordinate with a shipping partner or collect the freight from the merchant’s warehouse.

One of our TSA-certified drivers takes it to the airport in time to meet the flight. Because our drivers are already approved by TSA, they can skip the line and take the freight directly to the plane where the airport crew will load it and take it to its destination.

Relationship with Shipping Partners

All shipping companies have different strengths. And while many of them transport shipments all over the country, not all do it with equal speed. Zipp Express has an excellent relationship with our shipping partners. We know which ones will get your shipment where it needs to be when it needs to be there. And we will always choose the one who gets yours where it’s going on time.

Location (and Convenience) is Everything!

Zipp Express’s warehouse is just ten minutes from the airport. We are located just one mile west of I-270 off I-70, near the interstate. Our proximity makes pickups and drop-offs fast and easy. Our drivers make this run daily. And since they have already been TSA certified, they can bypass the lines and take your shipment directly to the plane.

Our warehouse has eight loading docks with liftgate capability. Our shipping partners give our lot high marks for easy maneuverability. We’ve made sure that cross-docking is as convenient and easy as possible.

We have a large fleet of vehicles of our own—ranging from cars to tractor trailers. Regardless of the size of your freight, we’ve got the right vehicle for the job. 

And our drivers all have extensive background checks so our clients never have to be concerned if their freight is safe during transport. All of them are hazardous material certified.

All of this works to the advantage of the customer that needs Next Flight Out delivery right now!

Combined Services

Zipp Express offers a variety of services that dovetail nicely with Next Flight Out Service.

We have a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the art, climate-controlled warehouse. Zipp offers both short- and long-term storage. So we can store machinery, parts, merchandise, and more. When you routinely ship parts or merchandise to a company across the country on short notice, we can ship it directly to them at your request.

We also provide caged security with secure swipe card entry for shipments that are especially valuable. The entire warehouse is surveilled 24/7 by cameras and security guards.

Speaking of 24-hour service, our dispatchers and drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year. Service is literally a phone call away.

You can track your shipment while in our possession from the time we pick it up to the moment it is delivered to its destination.

Let’s talk about the ways our clients most often use our NFO service.

Time-Critical Medical Supplies

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and nursing homes have central supply centers that are always on the lookout for supplies at competitive prices. And they often need those supplies in a hurry, especially these days. And when the need is time critical, Next Flight Out shipping is invaluable. 

Zipp Express specializes in the handling and shipping of medical supplies and equipment. When a company needs these shipped to a medical facility anywhere in the country, we prioritize it because we understand the vital nature of having the right tools when needed.

Holiday Rush

During the holiday crunch, merchants across the country begin competing for customer attention. And shipping time can make the biggest difference in whether or not they get the sale. Especially with last-minute shoppers. Whether it’s an entire case of a popular toy that needs to get to a merchant in another state, or to a particular customer, Zipp Express can help you get it where it’s going in time to put it under the tree.


When a company is in the middle of a major push and a vital piece of machinery goes down, they need the replacement part “yesterday.” Downtime is expensive. And when they can’t find what they need locally, they look to companies in other areas of the country.

The difference between the delivery service that provides them with a solution, and the one that doesn’t, isn’t always the one who can do it for less money. It’s the delivery can get the shipment to them the soonest. 

So if you’re a business in St. Louis making the repair and in search of the part, or the company shipping them the replacement, you need the fastest delivery route possible.

Zipp Express is the go-to local shipping company for the shipment of machinery and parts. We help our clients keep their promise to their customers. And we have both the personnel and the transportation to do it.


 When shipping fragile items such as antiques the less time spent on transport, the better. In situations like this, the adage “too many cooks in the kitchen” applies. An antique dealer in St. Louis, who is  shipping a 150-year-old grandfather clock, wants it to pass through as few hands as possible. That way it winds up on the doorstep of the person who bought it in promised pristine condition. Zipp Express has a reputation for getting fragile items into the hands of the receiver. We know how delicate antiques can be. And Next Flight Out service is the best way to do that. 


As you can see, Next Flight Out Service is a valuable tool to have in your toolbox when you need to get something to its destination as quickly as possible.  And Zipp Express’s NFO service is the absolute best in St. Louis. 

Zipp Express has been in operation in St. Louis for over thirty years. And we are locally owned and operated. Zipp Express is a member of the Express Carriers Association, which provides us with continuous educational opportunities in our ongoing search for excellent service. We are constantly pursuing new ways to provide service to our St. Louis customers. Contact us here or Give us a call  today to find out more about our Special Services and what we can do for you! Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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