These days, “Next Flight Out” shipping is keeping us very busy. Online shopping is on the rise. Many are shopping for specialty items as well as everyday needs through their computer. And with the advent of e-commerce and sites like Etsy, Poshmark, and E-Bay, shipping has become an accepted part of doing business.

Shipping Choices

Beyond businesses, it has become a necessity for individuals as well. If you have found yourself jumping into the world of shipping, you likely have come across many acronyms. POD? NFO? FTL? DV? So many to learn and keep track of.

NFO has implications for all of those long distance, rush deliveries you may need to make in very busy times or in an emergency situation.

What Does NFO Mean?

A majority of long distance shipments travel via air, especially if their destination is international.  In these cases, you are unable to use “next day air” or “express” shipping, and thus you select NFO.

What’s the Benefit of NFO Shipping?

The benefit to labeling a shipment as NFO is that the courier service will work through their airline partners to find the best flight time to meet your needs. Flights traveling the same route typically take the same amount of time to arrive. The difference is made in determining which outbound flight your package travels on.

Urgent Deliveries

Sometimes timing is critically important. Urgent circumstances sometimes require urgent deliveries. These types of shipments can arise last minute.

Our Professional Couriers Get it Done!

Again your courier makes all the difference. A professional team with a quick response time can get your package to the airport faster, reaching the outbound flight options faster.

Punctuality is Critical

Think about it. If there is only one outbound flight at 10 AM heading to your desired destination and your package arrives at the airport at 10:03 AM, you may have to wait a full day before shipping out.

Who Can Provide It?

For the reasons listed above, a strong NFO partner makes all the difference when shipping or receiving an NFO delivery. Zipp Express is available 24/7/365 for any time-sensitive recovery and/or NFO delivery, picking up from Lambert International Airport (STL) or any other specified location to ensure your package arrives on time.

Zipp Express drivers are TSA compliant, and our professional staff has the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver your critical freight in a safe, fast, and efficient manner.

Contact us today for your NFO needs!

Don’t just ship it, Zipp it!

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