Seven Reasons To Call Zipp Express

by | Apr 2, 2021

There are seven reasons why you should call Zipp Express.

Zipp Express is the full-service, one-stop answer to all your shipping, delivery, and commercial storage problems. While there are many reasons to let us handle all your delivery needs, they say seven is the perfect number, so here are just seven of the best reasons to call us.

Zipp Express Puts Professionalism First

Zipp Express is focused on customer satisfaction. That’s just one of the seven reasons to call Zipp Express for all your delivery needs.

When you call, our staff will listen to your requests and ask you questions as they formulate a plan that will exactly fulfill your requirements.

Because we believe in providing first class experience in every regard, we hire only the best people. We require our staff to have extensive background checks. Our drivers are all TSA certified, hazardous material certified, and prepared for extra training when customers request it.

And it doesn’t stop at standard delivery either. Besides truck transport and courier services, we have a list of specialty and white glove services as well.

Zipp Express is always on the lookout for ways to update and improve. And we are happy to do this because it means we can give first rate customer care.

Our Time is Your Time

You are busy – probably too busy. And if you run a business, you are especially so. It makes sense to outsource any jobs that either don’t fall into your skill set or those that wipe out a significant part of your day.

Zipp Express is on time, every time. So you can trust us to make that all important delivery for you while you do what you’re best at. That’s just another of the reasons to call us!

Have a parcel to deliver on the other side of the city? Chances are, we have a courier in your area who can handle the job. Have time sensitive pharmaceuticals to deliver? Important documents? Automotive parts? We’ve got you covered. Want less than a truckload (LTL) of office supplies? We can do that too.

Zipp Express is located one-mile west of I-270, just off I-70, just ten minutes from St. Louis Lambert International Airport. We can meet your freight at the airport. And if you need something shipped via air at the last minute, we can provide NFO service as well. Our drivers make this run regularly. And since they are TSA certified, they can skip the line and take your shipment directly to the plane.

So call us when you have a package or shipment that must be some place by a certain time and see what we can do for you.

We Hire Local

Zipp Express believes in supporting our community. One way we do this is by hiring locally. In return for providing much-needed employment, we get seasoned drivers who easily learn the routes and already know how to work around high traffic periods of the day. Their know-how combined with mapping technology makes Zipp’s drivers some of the best in the city.

We offer regular daily, weekly, and monthly courier routes. Our drivers get to know the people they serve regularly. And they understand that repeat business means job security for everyone. So when they arrive on your threshold, they are always courteous and happy to see you.

Our Specialty Services are Truly Special

Zipp Express offers a variety of delivery options—including threshold and curbside service. With curbside service, we hand the package to an employee or family member at the door or meet them outside. With threshold delivery, we bring the shipment inside for you, but our responsibility ends there. For smaller packages, parcels, and large freight such as pallets of supplies that will be placed in a storage room, this is more than adequate.

White Glove Delivery goes much further. This service is perfect for the delivery of large appliances, office furniture or equipment, and sensitive medical equipment. It includes crews who are specifically trained in the handling of your items. They will deliver it to the room of your choice and set it up for you, then clear away the packaging afterward. Because our crews are specially trained, there is no chance of them damaging your equipment or any nearby walls or doorways. And you don’t have to risk hurting yourself while attempting to move it.

We Go the Extra Mile(s)

Zipp Express has drivers at the ready 24/7/365 days a year. We are prepared to meet all your delivery needs, whether it is final mile delivery, courier service, or over the road.

Final mile delivery is the movement of freight from a transportation hub to its final destination. Shipping partners deliver freight to our warehouse daily. Once there, it is cross-docked on to one of our trucks or stored in our warehouse until the customer is ready for it. Final mile delivery is particularly useful to customers who are interested in specialty delivery services.

Zipp Express couriers and delivery crews cover a 150-mile radius around St. Louis, as far west as Columbia and several points in Southern Illinois.

While we do most of our business in and around St. Louis, we also have 48-state authority for expedited runs and an extensive delivery network across the country.  So we can easily accommodate your out of area shipments and deliveries.

Zipp Has Room for You

Looking for short-term or long-term storage? Zipp has room for you!

Our warehouse has 40,000’sq ft of space, 25’ft ceilings, with 40’ ft column spans. We offer both short-term and long-term storage. Our security system is state-of-the-art and monitored 24/7.

We store everything from medical supplies to large construction equipment. Some merchants like to use us for freight overflow. For example, if their storage rooms are temporarily full, we can hold their pallets of merchandise until they can make room for them. We can also store special occasion items like convention displays and folding chairs until the customer is ready to use them for their event.

For items that require extra security, we offer a 2000’ sq ft cage area. This space often stores jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and expensive equipment. It is accessed with swipe card technology, which limits admittance to warehouse personnel only.

Zipp Express is Budget-conscious Too

Zipp Express has a large fleet of transport vehicles ranging from straight trucks to flatbeds, to box trucks, to cars. We will never charge you for more vehicle than the job requires.

We offer LTL service which means we will deliver less than a truck load at our customers’ requests. This is convenient for regular deliveries on weeks in which you don’t need as many supplies as you might on others. This saves money and means you don’t have to have more supplies on hand than you can store or use.

This is the final of the seven reasons to call Zipp Express, but it certainly isn’t the least.


Zipp Express wants to be your go-to-delivery service for all your shipping and delivery needs. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help!

Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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