The Five W’s of White Glove Delivery

by | Aug 7, 2020

Zipp Express is the full-service final mile solution to all your St. Louis area delivery needs. This includes our highly specialized White Glove delivery program. While many companies claim to offer this service, not everyone defines it the same way or provides the same level of attention to the important details. So let’s talk about what it is to Zipp Express and what it means to you—our customer.

WHO needs White Glove Delivery?

Many times, when packages and companies order items to be delivered, the deliveries can be left on a loading dock or doorstep, depending on the location and sized of the shipment.  But there are times when this is neither practical nor safe. This is when Zipp Express’s inside service, White Glove Delivery, comes into play.

Here are a few examples of who might need this service. 

  • If you have important packages containing fragile or highly confidential contents.
  • If you are expecting a shipment that cannot be left outside for any reason.
  • If you need equipment, appliances, or new furniture set up for immediate use during the hours you are available.
  • If you have a sensitive shipment like medical equipment that requires careful recovery, protection during transport, professional set up, and debris removed afterward.    
  • If you need equipment, furniture, or appliances carefully and securely stored in a climate-controlled warehouse until you can arrange delivery and set up.

WHAT does White Glove Delivery look like when done right?

You are in charge ordering medical equipment for a new imaging clinic in northern (?) St. Louis and your new MRI machine will land at St. Louis Lambert International Airport at 2:00 am on a Saturday morning. You need trained professionals to collect your shipment and store it until you can arrange for its delivery and set up.

You choose Zipp Express because of their close proximity to the airport. Then you call them, and arrange for them to collect and deliver your shipment.  You ask that the crew undergo training in the handling of and setting up of your equipment.

Zipp Express agrees to your terms without hesitation.  They arrange for their carefully selected, TSA-approved crew to be at Lambert Airport on schedule and provide them with the training you requested. When the time comes, Zipp Express sends them out in one of the many trucks in their large fleet—not just any truck, but the one best suited to the job.  Because they are TSA-approved the crew arrives on time and quickly collects your MRI machine.

They take it back to Zipp Express’s secure, 40,000 foot climate-controlled warehouse and store it until you’re ready for it.

When you are ready for it, the crew brings it to your clinic and sets it up as they were trained to do—with care and accuracy. They then fold up the packaging material it came in and put it away in case you need it again.  Before they leave, they sweep up the debris left by unpacking.

WHEN do you need White Glove Delivery the most?

We deliver to all of St. Louis and surrounding areas. Whenever you need any fragile, sensitive, or easily damaged shipment delivered, our White Glove program is sure to meet your needs.

You need White Glove Delivery services whenever you have a shipment that must be handled with care and precision. When you have a new appliance like a state-of-the-art refrigerator or a beautiful new living room set, you want the assurance that it won’t be damaged while en route because it wasn’t secured while on the truck. And you want to know that it won’t be scratched, dented, or torn by careless handling while being brought inside.

Zipp Express guarantees your shipment will arrive in the condition it was in when our crew picked it up. Our delivery people understand how important your new furniture and appliances are to you.  They treat it with the same care that they do everything else—be it office equipment or medical instruments.

If you have a sensitive or fragile shipment that you need delivered to the airport, White Glove delivery is the service you want to ask for. Our crews are ready and waiting for your call.

WHERE does your White Glove shipment go?

Your White Glove shipment goes where ever you want it to go, whenever you want it to be there. Need us to recover a special shipment from the airport? We’re there. Need it to be delivered to the airport by a certain time? It will be there. Need it held safely and securely until you’re ready for it? We have the storage capacity and can easily track it for your convenience and our speedy recovery.

And it will always be delivered by the truck that exactly meets the qualifications required to ensure that your shipment will be secure and safe during loading, transport, and unloading.

WHY call Zipp Express for all your White Glove Delivery needs?

Because we are the best, bar none. We guarantee timely delivery or recovery by qualified, professional crews who have been trained to meet your specific needs. Have questions about our services? Contact our office.

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