Are you looking for a final-mile St. Louis delivery partner? What about a regular, scheduled courier? Or a warehousing facility?


What if you know you need items shipped but you have no idea where to start?


Zipp Express can provide the answer to all of those questions. As a locally owned and operated business, we have the resources, experience, and facilities to accommodate your shipping, storage and specialty care needs. You can trust our team of professionals—let us take care of you!  We prioritize the needs of our partners and want to tell you why you need our team.


Your time is valuable—save it!


Sure, you could drive across town to make sure your client gets that packet of paperwork, but it is rush hour and you’d be heading in the opposite direction of your home.  You also could spend money renting a truck, spend time figuring out how to navigate one-way streets downtown, and then spend your energy making sure you’ve parked correctly and then trying to unload your large items yourself.


Two words: just don’t. Call us instead!  Our team of drivers is comprised of experienced professionals: our couriers are extensively background checked, and our truck drivers are TSA compliant and hazardous materials certified. We ensure that your delivery is on time, every time.


It is our job to navigate one-way streets, sit in traffic, and load and unload items. All those things you don’t want to do yourself!


Professional handling means peace of mind


Is there something valuable you need delivered ASAP? High-value medical equipment or lab specimens, for example? What about retrieval from St. Louis Lambert International Airport?


Our specialty and white glove services are meant precisely for those deliveries. Our team of professionals will undergo necessary training and adhere strictly to your guidelines to ensure that everything is accurate, on time and completed safely.


Additionally, our trucking and courier services operate with the same professional handling standards. You can trust that your items will be handled with care, and you can keep an eye on your deliveries with Zipp Express-s real-time tracking.


Let us do all of the transport worrying for you—it’s our job!


First Class Customer Service


The cornerstone of all the services offered by Zipp Express is our customer service.  We prioritize your needs in all that we do—in our trucking and courier services, in our specialty and white glove services, and in our warehouse accommodations.  Our customers expect an excellent experience, and our team’s credentials, background checks, TSA compliance, and hazardous material certification are all requirements because they meet our customer expectations.


Your St. Louis Delivery Partner


We recognize that our business exists to make your life easier, and that is exactly what we set out to do. Let us handle your delivery and warehouse needs today!


Zipp Express has been operating in the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1989. We provide a range of delivery and warehouse solutions to meet our customers’ needs, and we pride ourselves on our on-time deliveries, our professionalism, and our customer service.


Contact us today for your shipment needs!  Don’t just ship it, Zipp it!


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