We Value Your Time

by | Sep 7, 2020

Zipp Express knows your time is valuable. And we understand how frustrating it can be to schedule your day around the expected arrival of a shipment or parcel only to have it show up late or not at all.

Our goal is to provide you with premium service and that includes on time delivery—whether it is same-day or scheduled for your convenience. How do we do it? By taking a multi-prong approach.

Our Time is Your Time

We are available 24/7/365 days a year to make your same-day deliveries. From the moment you contact us to arrange pick up, to the moment someone signs for your shipment, our time is your time. It is our mission to deliver your item, be it parcel or freight, punctually, and in the same condition we picked it up in.

Our Efficiency Saves You Time

We hire local professionals and train them to meet our high standards. And if you have a need for additional training, we provide that as well.  We have the right people for your job, whether it’s White Glove Service for sensitive shipments, freight recovered from the airport, or someone who is qualified to transport hazardous materials.

We Know St. Louis

Our territory encompasses a 150-mile radius that includes the entirety of St Louis, Columbia, Missouri and sections of Illinois. Because they are locals, our drivers know their territory well. And on-board GPS’s help them anticipate rush hour traffic, road construction, and complicated weather conditions. If there’s a faster way to get anywhere in the area, our drivers know the route. 

We’re On Time So You’re On Time

But we aren’t just experts in on the ground delivery. In an age in which more and more people are ordering online, Next Flight Out service is vital to customer satisfaction. Not only do we deliver to you on time—we make sure your shipments are delivered to your customers on time as well.  Zipp Express is located just one mile west of I-270 off I-70, near St. Louis Lambert International Airport for quick and easy transport. Proximity to the airport means we never miss a flight.

Excellent Communication

Zipp Express believes good communication makes for on time delivery and happier customers. When you contact us, we tell you exactly what we can do for you, exactly what our rates are, and what tools we will use to meet your shipping and delivery needs. Once we are sure you are happy with our terms, we will collect payment from you and email you all necessary follow-up information.

Tracking and Updates

Thanks to our state-of-the-art tracking system, you will know where your shipment is at all times. And we provide regular updates via email, letting you know when we’re on our way to you so you can be ready to receive it. While it is not required, we recommend you set up an account with us so you can see who signed for your delivery.

If you have further questions or need to change your plans, you will be greeted by a professional staff who is always happy to help. We understand that life happens and we know how to roll with change.

We work and play well with others.

We have an excellent relationship with all delivery partners. Whether picking up or dropping off they know to expect professional treatment. 

Our facilities are designed with convenience, safety, and security in mind. Our 40,000 square foot warehouse has eight easily accessed loading docks, ramps that accommodate all truck sizes, and a secured cage for more valuable cargo. 

All freight is quickly and carefully cataloged into our freight tracking system, then moved into our climate-controlled storage area. We know exactly where your shipment is at all times. This makes picking up and dropping off a painless procedure for our partners as wells as our warehouse staff.

We Have the Right Equipment at the Right Time

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. So if a delivery company only has a limited number of services and forms of transportation, then all customers and freight will be treated the same. A customer with less than a truckload will be looking at the same charges as someone with a much larger load. And less flexibility means slower delivery times.

Our Tools Save You Time

Zipp Express believes using the right tool for the job makes for economical, fast service. We have a fleet of trucks that range from 24’ – 26’ straight trucks, tractor-trailers and flatbeds. We have also have 48’- 53’ long trailers. Zipp Express offers dock to dock delivery and lift-gate service.    

Having a variety of sizes to choose from means that we can offer LTL—less than a truckload—service;  we won’t use more truck than you need, saving you money as well as time.

We Also Provide Drivers

And you are not limited to using our trucks. If you have a truck but are short a driver, we can provide you with one.

If you need to store your shipment until you’re ready for delivery, we will happily store it in our warehouse. We handle and store sensitive cargo on a regular basis. Our warehouse is protected by motion-activated cameras and sensors. Combined with swipe card technology, there is no safer place for your freight.


Zipp Express is committed to meeting all your delivery needs. Our many faceted approach means you get the best service available. Call Zipp Express today, 888-556-8208, to see what we can do for you! Don’t Ship it—Zipp it! 

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