White Glove Delivery: Customized Delivery for You

by | Jun 1, 2021

White Glove Delivery is the most customizable special service Zipp Express offers to the St. Louis area. And in many respects, we think it’s one of our best programs and we’re proud of it.

This special service is the preferred choice for fragile, sensitive shipments and small loads. And it comes with extra training and other options, not typically a part of our other—albeit excellent—delivery services.

Let’s talk about some of the features unique to Zipp Express’s White Glove Delivery service and the times it is most useful to you.

White Glove Delivery vs Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery Service includes curbside, threshold, and room of choice. Curbside is exactly what it sounds like—handed over at your door. Threshold is first dry room delivery—a garage or storage room is usually the case. Room of choice means you get to choose the room we deliver it to, whether in your home, office, or medical facility. But services stop there.

White glove services include packaging the item upon pickup, loading it, and delivering it, whether that’s an airport or other delivery service or to its final destination. If it’s a final destination, we offer several other services as well.

Best Use of White Glove Delivery

So who needs White Glove Delivery and when? Below is a list of examples of the times in which this service is the best option.

  • Piano or other large musical instruments: Let’s say you want to deliver a piano to the other side of St. Louis. Our crews are prepared for this. They package your piano in the best materials available, carefully place it on a truck we’ve chosen specifically for the job, and deliver it to its destination. Once there, our crew carefully unloads the piano and places it in the room of choice.
  • New furniture for home or office: Have new furniture on the way and are concerned about damage during shipment? Are you worried about just getting it through the front door without scratching up the house OR the furniture? Don’t worry! Call Zipp! Our crews can pick up your new furniture and bring it to you, remove the packaging and either give it to you or remove it from the scene, and help arrange it to your specifications.
  • Antique furniture: Have you inherited a grandfather clock or purchased a beautiful old table and chairs? It’s survived a hundred and fifty years and you want to make sure it survives shipment to your house? Let Zipp handle this! If it’s already within our 150-mile service area, our specialty delivery crew can package it and deliver it carefully to you, putting it exactly where you want it.
  • Medical equipment: This is one of our specialties. Zipp Express picks up and delivers sensitive medical equipment regularly. We completely understand how expensive and important this equipment is to the health and well-being of our St. Louis community. We pick it up and deliver during hours that are convenient for you—carefully unpacking it and storing the packaging away in case it’s needed again. And we can set it up to your specifications.

These are just a few of the reasons people use Zipp Express’s White Glove Delivery service. Contact us and ask if we can meet your needs for special delivery!

White Glove Delivery Combined with Other Services

Some people combine White Glove with our other services.

For instance, sometimes they need a place to hold their sensitive delivery until they’re ready for it. In cases like this, our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, 40,000 square foot warehouse offers an excellent temporary storage solution. We can even store medical equipment in our 2000 square foot caged space. Authorized employees access this space with swipe card technology.

Others combine it with airport recovery. Everyone at Zipp is TSA Certified, which means our drivers can skip the line and proceed directly to the terminal or plane and collect your item. And since we’re located just ten minutes from St. Louis Lambert International Airport (one mile west of I-270 off I-70) it is an easy run for our drivers. We can collect your item, whatever it might be, and either bring it to you immediately or to our warehouse upon request.

White Glove Delivery: What Else Do You Get?

Because we don’t believe in doing anything any way but the right way, Zipp goes the extra mile to make sure we provide the best service possible. And we bring more than thirty years of experience to the table. We prepare for the unexpected because we leave nothing to chance when it comes to your shipments.

First, we only hired the best people for the job. Our staff is extensively background checked. We train them carefully so they are prepared for all the eventualities of the job (from negotiating difficult angles when moving furniture to handling missing paperwork, they will know what to do before the problem arises).

We hire local! This benefits everyone. We are an active part of the St. Louis community, and one way we give back to the city is to provide stable employment. In return, we get people who know the city and surrounding areas and how to find their way around rush hour traffic. They are invested in St. Louis too, and they know they wouldn’t have jobs if it weren’t for St. Louis residents calling on us to deliver all their important shipments, parcels, and letters.

Technology is just one of the many tools in our tool box, and we rely on it to help us keep your shipments more secure while in transit. We provide both you and our staff with tracking numbers so we always know where your item is – and so do you. It also supplements our drivers’ know-how in negotiating the city’s streets.

We have a full complement of vehicles ranging from straight trucks to box trucks to cars available. So we never have to use more vehicle than needed. Need us to deliver a Grand Piano? We’ve got the right truck for that. A large piece of equipment such as a CT-scanner? We have the transport for that too.

So What Now?

If you came here wondering about whether White Glove Delivery is right for you or your company, you now know how important it is to us to give our customers the best at all times. Call Zipp Express today at 314-842-8877 and find out more about our Special Services and what we can do for you! Or email us at info@zippdelivers.com.

Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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