Zipp Express: White Glove Delivery And How We Get It Done

by | Feb 15, 2022

Customers rely on Zipp Express for an array of services that range from couriers to storage. But we believe our Specialty Delivery Services, and in particular our White Glove Delivery services, set us apart from the competition. And if our reviews are any indication, our customers agree. 

“The consistent high level of service we receive from Zipp Express allows us to run a successful business and continue to wow our customers even after our shipments are turned over to an external partner. Our business requires a lot of special delivery needs and the Zipp Express team has delivered solutions that work time and time again.”–W.W. Granger Inc.

In a minute, we’ll tell you about just some of the ways clients rely on Zipp Express’s White Glove Service.

But First…

 Let’s discuss the difference between Standard and White Glove Delivery.

 Curbside, Threshold, and Room of Choice delivery services fall under “Standard Delivery” practices. And they are each exactly what they sound like they are. The driver’s responsibility is limited to safely delivering the shipment to the designated location. And that is where their responsibility ends.

White Glove Delivery includes bringing the shipment to the designated location, unpacking and setting it up as per the instructions of the client. Our delivery crews receive special training that ensures the safe delivery and setup of your shipment. We also provide additional training upon request. 

Now we can move on to the many ways people use our White Glove Service.

Medical Equipment

 Delivering medical equipment is one of Zipp Express’s specialties. Medical equipment is sensitive, expensive, and needs careful handling throughout transport. This is why so many local healthcare providers contact us when it’s time to deliver their all-important freight.

Our drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year. So when a hospital needs something like an MMR or ultrasound equipment picked up and delivered, they call our dispatcher and ask for White Glove Service. Our crews carefully place the equipment in one of the many trucks in our fleet, secure it so that it will not shift while we are traveling, and take it directly to the recipient.

We deliver it to the designated room and set it up according to directions. The crew relies on the special training and instructions they received. They clean up any debris and store packing material if requested. 

Zipp Express delivers on time every time. You can count on that. If a hospital needs equipment set up early in the morning or late at night in order to avoid the busiest times of the day, we are prepared to do that. Our clients can count on our crews to be professional and polite at all times. Zipp Express only hires the best people. We need them to be careful and reliable as much as our customers do. Especially when dealing with fragile equipment.

Large Appliances

 Many modern appliances, like refrigerators, need handling similar to medical equipment. This is not a job for amateurs anymore. So many things can go wrong if the appliance isn’t shipped in an upright position and secured so that it can’t lean or teeter. Unloading and just moving it into the client’s home or office requires knowing how to protect the appliance while taking it up steps and around tight corners.

Many contain electronic components that are easily damaged if handled badly at any point during moving and set up. If the delivery crews don’t know their jobs, this can become a headache for everyone involved. And Zipp Express’s people most definitely know theirs. 

Zipp Express’s White Glove crews bring strong backs, experience, training, and equipment designed to move large items. And they are trained specifically in how to set the appliance up in its new location. So the client doesn’t have to do anything other than stand aside and watch. 

Office Equipment

 Do you run an office supply store? Have you ever worked with a client located outside the metro area and had difficulty getting someone to deliver to them? Zipp Express delivers to all locations within 150 miles of the metro area. And we routinely deliver and set up office equipment such as copiers. Our White Glove Delivery crews are adept at unloading and moving office equipment into large and small offices without interrupting regular business.

Because we are invested in the success of our community, we hire local drivers. This has the two-fold effect of employing people who live in the city and providing us with drivers who know the areas in and around St. Louis. It cuts down on the learning curve for newer drivers and lets them focus on the rest of their job. We have state-of-the-art GPS mapping equipment that aids them in getting to their destination on time. And you can track your freight to the point of delivery, so you never have to worry about where it is or who has it.

Furniture for Home or Office

 When you own a furniture store in St. Louis, you need reliable delivery people who treat your merchandise like they would if it belonged to them. Professionals who respect the home and property of your clients. And you need them to be prepared to handle the challenges of moving through narrow spaces without scratching up the walls or the furniture.

Zipp Express hires those people. When our crews make a White Glove Delivery run to a home or office, they are prepared for any eventuality. If the new owner isn’t happy with where the furniture is placed, they move it until they are. If the furniture needs to be assembled, they have all the tools and the necessary skills to do so. You can count on Zipp Express to send professionals every time.

Large Antiques and White Glove Delivery

Are you an antique dealer in need of someone to deliver a sideboard made in the early 1800s? Or have you inherited your grandmother’s antique dining room set? Or maybe you are a collector who needs someone to pick up the bed George Washington slept in?

Regardless of how you acquire your antiques, you need the same professional care and attention to detail. Zipp Express’s White Glove Delivery crews can provide you with exactly that. We can bundle your antique into the right vehicle and deliver it in all its ancient glory.

And in the unlikely event that something is damaged, Zipp carries extensive insurance that covers all damages incurred while in our possession.

So you can relax and wait for your Great Aunt Sally’s curio cabinet to be delivered to your home. Zipp express will take care of it and your home!

And Finally –

 Occasionally, people need to combine White Glove Delivery with our other services. For example, sometimes they need to store sensitive medical equipment until they are ready to use it. Zipp Express offers both long and short-term storage in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, 40,000 square foot warehouse. And for medical equipment, we usually recommend our secure, 2,000 square foot caged space. It is protected by 24-hour surveillance. The door can only be opened with a swipe card and only authorized employees have access.


If you came here wondering about whether White Glove Delivery is right for you or your company, you now know how important it is to us to give our customers the best at all times. We want to be your go-to service for all your transport and shipping needs! Zipp Express has been in operation in St. Louis for more than thirty years. And we are locally owned and operated.  Zipp Express is a member of the Express Carriers Association, which provides us with continuous educational opportunities in our ongoing search for excellent service. We are constantly pursuing new ways to provide service to our St. Louis customers. Contact us here or Give us a call  today to find out more about our Special Services and what we can do for you!  Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!


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