You Need to Warehouse Your Delivery-Now What?

by | Mar 14, 2018

Imagine you’re the owner of a medical device company, and one of St. Louis’s top-notch hospitals puts in a rush order for a large, very expensive piece of equipment for a surgery in three days.  Time is of the essence, but so is the safety and security of the device in transit.

You’re panicked—how can you make this happen? What are your options?  

First, you need a reliable, trusted company operating large straight trucks or tractor trailers that have the ability to deliver your device. Additionally, you need warehouse capacity to store the device overnight for an early morning hospital delivery.  

Luckily, Zipp Express has you covered on both fronts! 

Arrival In St. Louis

Your medical device arrives at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, and even though the flight was late, Zipp Express is ready for the pickup. Zipp Express employs TSA-compliant drivers and operates 24/7/365, ensuring that all time-sensitive St. Louis airport recoveries and deliveries make their destination on time, every time. 

You have written very explicit instructions and guidelines for the care of your device, and the Zipp Express driver is ready to fulfill the requests. Zipp Express drivers complete any training required for medical device transit, and your delivery is no exception! 

From there, after loading onto the 26’ truck, your device heads to our warehouse where it will stay overnight.

Warehouse Storage

Conveniently located just one mile west of I-270 off I-70, the Zipp Express warehouse offers over 40,000 square feet of storage space, 25’ ceilings and 40’ column spans. Plenty of room to house your medical device!

The truck pulls up to one of the eight dock doors with levelers. These doors, along with the ramps used by cars and vans, allow for efficient and rapid loading, unloading, and cross-dock work. After unloading, your device is taken to the 2,000 square foot caged area inside the warehouse. This area requires card-swipe access and an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.

Speaking of security, Zipp Express utilizes a state of the art system including motion-activated cameras and sensors, all of which are monitored by a live Internet feed. Additionally, all Zipp Express staff members must pass background checks. 

“Our customers constantly emphasize the need for secured-access space and documentation for all activity. We are investing in the infrastructure to ensure our customers the best care for their products,” Zipp Express C.E.O. Janet Mulroy stated last year. Zipp Express takes the safety and security of your items very seriously! 

After a secure night’s stay, your device will go out for delivery in the morning.


Your medical device is reloaded onto the delivery truck for a morning delivery, per your request. The run is a familiar route for Zipp Express, who services a 150 air-mile radius of St. Louis, and your delivery arrives right on time. Following your request down to the letter, a multi-man Zipp Express team takes your delivery to the specific location in the hospital. These teams are available for oversized items or those with required set up, and after your device is safely delivered, the team stores the shipping crates to ensure safe transport should you need recovery and return at a future date. 

Both you and the hospital are very happy customers!

This scenario is applicable to any delivery need, large or small. Zipp Express will provide first class customer service, efficient and on time delivery, and secure warehouse storage. 

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