Zipp Express and Our Fleet of Trucks

by | Jul 8, 2021

Zipp Express is proud to offer a large fleet of trucks for all your transport and delivery needs. With us, you never have to pay for more truck than you need. And since we put the best drivers in St. Louis behind the wheel of those trucks, you don’t have to settle for less than excellent service either.

Whether you need to move a piece of furniture to the other side of town, or transport a shipment of machine parts to the other side of the state, we’ve got the truck you need. Take a look at our list of trucks!

Tractor-trucks and Trailers

Customers often use tractor-trucks for hauling building products, dry goods like canned or packaged food items, finished products, very large medical equipment and lawn and garden goods, just to name a few.

Our tractors are available hourly or by the load. And you can bring your own trailer or use one of our 48’-53’ foot long tractor trailers.

Zipp Express drivers are commercially licensed, TSA certified, and hazardous material certified as well. And all of our employees are subject to extensive background checks. So you never have to worry about how secure your cargo is with us.

While most of our business takes place in and near St. Louis, we are also licensed for expedited runs to 48 states. This means our tractor-trucks and trailers are the perfect solution for your long-haul needs.

Straight Trucks

Included in our fleet of trucks are straight trucks. Also known as box trucks, our 24’-26’ foot long straight trucks are perfect for moving furniture, home improvement supplies, sensitive medical equipment, appliances, and smaller shipments such as office equipment and supplies. Liftgates are available upon request.

You can provide your own driver and crew or hire us to do the driving and the heavy lifting. Our delivery crews are all trained to handle your cargo, no matter what it is, with the greatest of care. See “Other Services” below for more information about how you can combine the use of one of our straight trucks with our specialized delivery services.


The flatbeds in Zipp Express’s fleet of trucks hold items that won’t fit into a standard box truck or enclosed trailer, such as large equipment, lumber, bricks, scaffolding, steel beams, concrete and other oddly shaped or over-sized items.

For example, instead of filling landfills with used tires, we can repurpose them as road fill, erosion control and more. But first tire recyclers prepare them for transport by compressing and wrapping them together in bundles called bales. Tire bales are large, oddly shaped, and extremely heavy. This requires using a crane or forklift to set them on trucks. Because of this, flatbeds are the perfect choice for transporting baled tires.

Driving flatbed trucks requires a specific skill set. And while you can hire your own commercially licensed driver, we strongly recommend you consider hiring one of ours. Zipp Express screens drivers so you don’t have to! Our drivers practice all necessary safety procedures and know how to handle the challenges of complicated, large loads. However, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are fully insured against damage and loss.


When you need to move a smaller load – such as office or medical supplies – a larger truck may be more transportation than you need. Sprinters are best suited for local runs and transport to nearby towns. They are quick and efficient. Consequently, customers often use them to transport unassembled furniture, tools, or items like flowers or cases of food. They are available for parcel deliveries, mail runs, and payroll deliveries.

Besides being available for hire for van-size, onetime deliveries, our couriers run regular routes all over the city. So we can easily accommodate your needs for regular pickup. Zipp Express hires local drivers. This means they know their way around St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Because of this, we can promise that your shipment will be on time every time.

And since we deliver within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis – including Columbia and parts of Southern Illinois – we can meet your needs for out-of-city runs as well.

Other Services

Our other services dovetail beautifully with your transport needs:

  • Next-Flight-Out (NFO) services. Our drivers are TSA-certified so they can go straight to the terminal for delivery of time-sensitive freight. And since we’re just one mile west of I-270, off I-70, ten minutes from Lambert International Airport, this run is easy for us.
  • Same Day Delivery. When you need something delivered the same day, and you use one of our regular courier routes, you can count on your shipment being delivered when promised.
  • White Glove Delivery. Individual or multi-member teams are available to deliver your shipment to the room of your choice. They are trained to set up equipment and put together furniture, then clear away packing materials later. We can provide additional training upon request.
  • Medical Equipment Delivery. Handling sensitive medical equipment requires extreme care and attention. This is one of Zipp Express’s specialties. That’s why we carefully train our delivery crews in how to transport, deliver, and set-up fragile scientific equipment. We make these deliveries routinely and can accommodate many special requests.
  • Short-term and long-term storage. Need to store supplies until you’re ready for them? Our secure, climate-controlled warehouse offers 40,000 sq feet of storage facilities that includes a secure, caged storage space for shipments such as medical supplies and jewelry. This, combined with our eight dock doors and easy cross-docking system, makes getting in and out of our loading areas quick and convenient for everyone involved.


Zipp Express delivers more than just freight and parcels. Zipp delivers quality service. Each of the trucks in our fleet of trucks is used at the right time for the right job. If you need a furniture set delivered and it can fit in a box truck, we won’t charge you for a tractor-trailer. Nor will we attempt to cram your over-sized load into the confines of a vehicle that isn’t adequate.

Zipp Express is locally owned and operated. Since we live and work here too, we understand how important being able to count on a delivery service is. Reliability is central to everything we do and has been for over thirty years. Our experience and determination to give the best service every time benefits our customers. Call 314-842-8877 today or contact us online and give Zipp Express a chance to show you what we can do for you!

Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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