Zipp Express Can Handle White Glove Deliveries

by | Dec 14, 2022

Zipp Express is well-qualified to handle white glove deliveries in St. Louis.

You see, not every delivery request is straightforward – pick up a package from location A, deliver it to location B. Often, there are unique circumstances that require careful handling of equipment, pharmaceuticals that need to be tracked, or unusual-shaped items that are difficult to move. These situations call for white glove deliveries.

Standard or White Glove Delivery?

What’s the difference between Standard and White Glove Delivery?

Standard Deliveries are just what they sound like. Our driver’s responsibility is limited to safely delivering your shipment to your designated location. That could be Curbside, Threshold, and Room of Choice. And they are each exactly what they sound like.

On the other hand, White Glove Deliveries include bringing the shipment to the designated location, unpacking and setting it up as per the instructions of the client. Our delivery crews receive special training that ensures the safe delivery and setup of your shipment. We also provide additional training to our crews upon your request.

What makes a White Glove Delivery?

There are some types of items that need white glove deliveries. Here are some of them.

Medical Equipment

Delivering medical equipment is one of Zipp Express’s specialties. Medical equipment is expensive, delicate, and sensitive. These pieces of equipment need careful handling throughout transport. So when a St. Louis hospital needs something like an MMR or ultrasound equipment picked up and delivered, they call our dispatcher and ask for our White Glove Service.

If a healthcare provider needs equipment set up early in the morning or late at night in order to avoid the busiest times of the day, we are prepared to do that. That’s because our drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year.

Zipp Express only hires the best people. We need them to be careful and reliable as much as our customers do. Especially when dealing with fragile equipment.

Large Appliances

Many modern appliances, like refrigerators, need handling similar to medical equipment.

This is not a job for amateurs anymore. So many things can go wrong if the appliance isn’t shipped in an upright position and secured so that it can’t lean. Many contain electronic components that are easily damaged if mishandled during delivery or set up. Many appliances are oversized and moving it into the client’s home or office requires knowing how to protect the appliance while taking it up steps and around tight corners.

Zipp Express delivery crews know their jobs. They bring experience, training in how to set up appliances, and equipment designed to move large items.

Furniture for Home or Office

Furniture, whether for home or office, is a major investment that needs to be protected while it’s being transported.

No one likes to have their new furniture arriving damaged. When you own a furniture store in St. Louis, you need reliable delivery people who treat your merchandise like they would if it belonged to them. Professionals who respect the home and property of your clients. And you need them to be prepared to handle the challenges of moving through narrow spaces without scratching up the walls or the furniture.

Zipp Express hires those people. When our crews make White Glove Deliveries to a home or office, they are prepared for anything. If the new owner isn’t happy with where the furniture is placed, they move it until they are. If the furniture needs to be assembled, they have all the tools and the necessary skills to do so. You can count on Zipp Express to send professionals every time.

Large Antiques and White Glove Delivery

Your beloved antiques deserve to be handled with kid gloves. Or should we say, with white gloves.

Our Zipp Express crews treat your antiques and prized heirlooms with the same care and attention they would to their own. We bundle your antique into the right-sized vehicle, secure it, and deliver it to its new location safely.

And in the unlikely event that something is damaged, Zipp carries extensive insurance that covers all damages incurred while in our possession.


We believe our Specialty Delivery Services, and in particular, our White Glove Deliveries, set us apart from the competition. Whether it is a piece of furniture trucked to another city, or medical equipment delivered on the other side of town, Zipp Express can handle all of your special delivery needs.

Zipp Express is locally owned and operated. We live and work in St. Louis. We know how important being able to trust your neighbors is and we treat you right. We’ve been earning the trust of St. Louis’ customers for over thirty years.

Call Zipp Express today at 314-842-8877 or contact us online.

Remember – Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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