Zipp Express Couriers Know St. Louis

by | Apr 15, 2021

The couriers who work for Zipp Express know the streets of St. Louis well. Delivering parcels and important paperwork is their job, and Zipp Express couriers do it with pride.

The old city is an interesting blend of narrow, winding streets lined with older homes and buildings, and multi-lane interstate highways connecting one side of the city to the other. And anyone who’s lived here any length of time will tell you about the fast-moving heavy traffic and ongoing road construction. These factors make navigating the city a challenge, even on ordinary days. If you’re not well-versed in relief routes and detours, and you’re delivering a time-sensitive document, you’re taking a potentially expensive risk.

Whether you own your own small business, or you manage a large company, at some point you’re going to need something picked up or delivered on the other side of the city. You can do the job yourself or send a trusted employee. But either way, you’re losing valuable time and could run into obstacles that might keep you from getting anything done at all.

So at times like these, you need a courier who knows the city. You need Zipp Express. Zipp Express offers a full complement of delivery services that include (but is not limited to) final mile delivery, white glove specialty delivery, Next-Flight-Out (NFO), and couriers.

There are several reasons to consider Zipp Express couriers the next time you have a parcel, small local shipment, or legal documents you want delivered.

Local Drivers with Local Knowledge

Zipp Express is a locally owned business. Because of this, we hire locally as well. The best couriers for a delivery service are the people who live here. Our drivers come to us already familiar with St. Louis’s rush hour traffic. And they know which short cuts get them places fastest. We provide them with advanced mapping technology that shows the destination and when road construction is likely to create traffic slows. This, combined with their knowledge of the city and all its ins and outs, makes them unstoppable.

Zipp cares about your peace of mind. We are fully insured against loss. And we require all personnel to undergo extensive background checks. You will never have to worry about your parcel or documents while they are with our drivers.

Additionally, our couriers have all necessary licenses and certifications. Zipp Express couriers are TSA compliant. This means they can enter the cargo area at the airport in order to retrieve and deliver shipments. And they are also hazardous materials certified. They are trained in how to handle and transport materials, such as chemical agents, that might be dangerous if not managed properly. Upon request, we also provide special training to our drivers in how to transport and handle shipments that need special care.

Our Couriers Deliver On Time

Zipp Express’s couriers drive dedicated routes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We also have seasonal routes for busy times of the year. So you can count on our drivers to be on time, even when our workload is heavier than usual.

While our couriers generally do most of their work within city limits, Zipp Express delivers to all points within a 150-mile square area of St. Louis.

We specialize in delivering small parcels such as lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, small shipments of office supplies, medical supplies and automotive parts. But we also deliver payroll, commercial paperwork, and real estate closing documents.

Just realized the paperwork you need signed has to be across town before five o’clock? We offer same day service to help with those last-minute emergencies that happen to everyone. Whether it’s a onetime need or a regular supply run, Zipp Express has you covered. Our couriers are available 24/7/365 days a year and have routes all over the city. We offer flexible scheduling and will work to accommodate your needs. You can trust us to pick up and deliver time-sensitive items such as lab specimens or important documents on schedule.

What if you need a high priority parcel picked up from the airport? We are a few minutes from the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. This is a routine trip for our drivers. They can pick up your parcel and have it in your hands, or in the hands of your client, by an established time. We also offer NFO services for customers who need a parcel placed on the first available flight out.

We make arranging a time for one of our couriers to come by simple. Give us a call and we can set up a time that meets your schedule. Zipp Express guarantees on time delivery every time. Our team members are proud of this reputation and strive to meet this goal every day.

Fleet that Meets Your Needs

Zipp Express practices the philosophy of using the right tool for the right job in the right way. So we have a large fleet that includes sprinter vans, box trucks, cars, and cargo vans, all dedicated to courier routes. This variety of vehicles enables us to deliver office supplies with as much ease as we do legal documents and automotive parts. Because of this, we can offer several budget-friendly options when you call for a courier.

You can count on us to provide the best driver and vehicle for the job you need us to do.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Your trust and satisfaction are important to Zipp Express. We have lots of competition, but we like to think our focus on customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Zipp Express will treat your deliveries with the greatest of care. Any documents will remain confidential. We secure all parcels, regardless of their contents, during transport and delivered in the condition we received them in. And we do our best to honor special requests, whether it is providing extra training, or a preferred method of delivery.

Our couriers understand they are the face of our business. So from the moment they arrive on your doorstep to the moment they leave, they will be courteous and professional.

We at Zipp Express are dedicated to superior courier service. Give us a call today and become one of our many happy customers! Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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