Zipp Express Keeps Local Businesses in Business

by | Feb 15, 2021

Zipp Express helps keep local business in business. That’s because we live where we work. As a locally owned and operated company, Zipp Express understands the value of community and taking care of those who live and work here. We hire the best people from our own community and train them to take care of all your shipping, storage, and specialty needs.

Do you need a regularly scheduled courier? How about a final mile delivery partner? Or a secure, temperature-controlled warehouse to store merchandise in until you need it?  Are you new in the St. Louis area, need to ship items, but have no idea where to start?

Zipp Express can fill all your shipping and delivery needs. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our satisfied customers say about how we’ve helped them keep their businesses running smoothly.

Here are a few ways we can help keep your business in business.

Let Zipp Do the Driving

Your client needs a packet of paperwork and they need it right now! So you look at the map and at the clock. It’s rush hour and you have an appointment on the other side of town. You know there are shortcuts, but you don’t have the time to look them up. What are you going to do?

Call Zipp Express!

Chances are, we have a courier with a regular route already in your area. Let our couriers, who know all the ins and outs of St. Louis traffic, which streets will actually get you there fast, and which ones to avoid, make the delivery for you. Our couriers have extensive background checks and are carefully trained to handle your delivery needs with professionalism and care.

What if you need to deliver a large item like furniture or office equipment? You can rent a truck and try negotiating the roads yourself (Did I miss my exit? Is that a one-way street? What do they mean ‘No Parking’? So how am I going to unload this if there’s no parking?) Additionally, you risk injury or damaging the cargo while loading and unloading it yourself.

Instead, why don’t you call Zipp Express and let us handle the planning, the driving, loading, and unloading? Our drivers are professionally licensed, TSA compliant, and certified to handle hazardous materials. They know the roads and how to handle heavy cargo without hurting themselves or damaging the goods.

This lets you focus on the business you know best while we do the rest. See? Easy!

 Let Zipp Handle Your Specialty Deliveries

What if you need to deliver something that requires special handling, like medical supplies, sensitive equipment, or lab specimens? Or maybe you need a shipment retrieved from the St Louis Lambert International Airport?

Zipp Express has you covered. We offer specialty and White Glove Services for just such occasions. And we train our drivers to your specifications so your shipment or parcel will be safe and on time. Moreover, if you need sensitive equipment set up, our crew can handle that too. They will follow your directions to the letter and clean up packing supplies afterward.

Everyone on our staff, from the bottom up, operates with the same high standards. So you can trust us with fragile, time-sensitive deliveries. And you will know exactly when we made your deliveries with our real-time tracking.

With Zipp, you don’t have to worry—because we do it for you!

Storage and Final Mile Delivery

Maybe this is your busiest time of year, and you have more merchandise coming in than you can handle all at once. Or maybe you have especially valuable shipments coming in over a weekend, and you’re going to be out of town.

You can rent a storage room and hope it’s big enough and the security is solid. And you can hire temporary help and worry about whether they are reliable enough to do the job in your absence. But why take the chance when Zipp Express has you covered with guaranteed, quality service?

Call us and reserve space in our state-of-the art, 40,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse. Our storage facility is securely protected by 24-hour surveillance cameras.  We tag and enter all incoming shipments into our computer for easy retrieval. If it is a valuable shipment, we can place it in our 2000-foot caged space.

We are conveniently located one-mile west of I-270 off I-70, just eight minutes from Lambert International Airport. So not only can we easily collect shipments from the airport, our shipping partners can reach us without negotiating narrow streets and local traffic. Our eight loading docks are large enough to accommodate trucks of all sizes, which means cross-docking with shipping partners is quick and convenient. So chances are, the shipping company you’re using already knows where we are and what we do.

And since we deliver within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis, including Columbia, Missouri, and parts of southern Illinois, you can count on us for all your truck delivery needs.

Your St. Louis Delivery Partner

Zipp Express’s entire purpose is to meet all your delivery needs, and our goal is to do it better than anyone else. Above all, as your local delivery partner, our goal is to make living and doing business in St. Louis easier for everyone.

Zipp Express helps keep local businesses in business. We’ve been doing that since since 1989. We are proud to be a part of the St. Louis business community and look forward to serving you!

Contact us today for your shipment needs!

Don’t just ship it, Zipp it!

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