Zipp Express Offers Refrigeration for Cool Deliveries

by | Sep 2, 2021

Do you run a business in the St. Louis area and need refrigeration trailers for your temperature sensitive shipments? Zipp Express can help you out!

We told you that Zipp Express has a fleet of delivery trucks. And we talked about the following vehicles:

  • 48’-53’ tractor-trailers: Used for hauling many dry goods, finished products (like furniture), lawn and gardening supplies, building products, and large medical equipment.
  • 24’-26’ straight trucks: Sometimes known as box trucks – used for moving furniture, large appliances, and office equipment.
  • Flatbeds: Used for transporting oversized loads like construction equipment or products with unusual shapes, like bundles of tires or lumber.
  • Sprinters: Most often used for large numbers of parcels—such as bulk mail, payroll, or office supplies.
  • Cars: Used by our couriers to deliver everything from automotive parts to certified mail.

But we haven’t mentioned our refrigeration trailers, used for temperature sensitive shipments. So let’s add them to the list today.

What is a refrigeration trailer?

Refrigeration trailers (known as a “reefers” in the business) keeps contents at a specific temperature. And just like your refrigerator at home, it is insulated to protect against outside moisture and temperature changes. It also contains a compressor and a condenser that work together to maintain the chilled atmosphere. But unlike your refrigerator, which plugs into an outlet, it gets its power from a diesel engine.

What are refrigeration trailers used for?

Reefer trailers are used to transport perishable or temperature sensitive goods. This includes fresh products like seafood, dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit, plants, pharmaceuticals, some personal care products, and more. So essentially any cargo with “safe for use” requirements and short expiration periods benefits from being transported in a temperature-controlled environment.

Merchants can’t sell melted ice cream or wilted flowers. And temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals are expensive and sometimes difficult to replace. So if you deal in perishable items and stable temperatures matter, a refrigerator trailer is the perfect solution.

Who can use them?

If you are a commercially licensed driver or have a driver of your own, you are welcome to rent a refrigeration trailer from Zipp Express.

But why not just leave the driving to us? Zipp Express’s drivers are commercially licensed and hazardous-materials certified. Our crews are courteous, focused professionals. And everyone on our staff, from warehouse crews to drivers, is subject to thorough background checks. We are just as concerned with the safe delivery of your freight as you are. So you never have to worry about how secure your cargo is with us. And we will get there on time—every time.

We’re best known for our courier and final mile delivery services. And we have regular routes within 150-mile radius of St. Louis. But we are also licensed for expedited runs to 48 states. So chances are good, we already have drivers making deliveries to your area.

And since our drivers are TSA certified, collecting your temperature sensitive shipments from the airport is no problem for us. Our headquarters is located one mile west of I-270 off I-70, just a few minutes from St. Louis Lambert International Airport. And we make this run routinely too.

You can trust us to handle it with the care and attention required. We will deliver it to the destination on time in the same condition we collected it in. Though unlikely, if something goes wrong, Zipp Express carries full-coverage insurance.

 How can I hire Zipp Express?

We are just a phone call away! And we work hard to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our standard hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. During business hours, you can contact us to schedule a pickup and delivery at a time and location of your choosing. Our drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year!

Zipp Express’s other services

Zipp Express offers a wide variety of delivery services. And we can combine them to meet your delivery needs.

  • Next-Flight-Out (NFO) services. We deliver cargo directly into the hands of the people loading the planes.
  • White Glove Delivery. Trained individuals or multi-member teams are available to deliver your shipment to the room of your choice. We will set it up according to your directions, too. And if your freight requires special treatment, we can provide extra training at your request.
  • Medical Equipment Delivery. Zipp Express specializes in handling sensitive medical equipment. We meticulously train our drivers in the handling, transport, and delivery of fragile and sensitive equipment.
  • Same Day Delivery. We have couriers standing by to make same day deliveries, whether it’s car parts, payroll, or legal documents. This also applies to local delivery route drivers. So if your business is within our 150-mile delivery area, chances are we have a delivery route in your area.
  • Short-term and long-term storage. Need to store freight until you have room? Maybe you need a place to store valuable construction supplies until you’re ready for it. Contact  Zipp Express!  We have a secure, 40,000 sq foot, climate-controlled warehouse with eight dock doors and an excellent cross-docking system. And we also offer a caged storage space with passkey entry for your most valuable items such as medical supplies and jewelry.


Whether it’s freight trucked to another city, or medical equipment delivered on the other side of town, Zipp Express can handle all of your temperature sensitive shipments.

But Zipp Express delivers more than just cargo and parcels. Zipp delivers consistent, quality service. If your delivery fits in a box truck, we won’t charge you for a tractor trailer. By the same token, we won’t attempt to fit your oversized load into a form of transport that isn’t appropriate.

Zipp Express is locally owned and operated. We live and work in St. Louis. We know how important being able to trust your neighbors is and we treat you right. We’ve been earning the trust of St. Louis’ customers for over thirty years. We want to earn your trust too!

Have freight that needs special handling? Need it to be exactly on time? Call Zipp Express today at 314-842-8877 or contact us online. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you!

Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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