Zipp Express: Small Business Storage Solutions

by | Oct 5, 2021

Are you a small business in the St. Louis area in search of a storage solution? Are you in search of ways to improve your supply line and shipping time? Or do you need fast access to products you have trouble keeping on hand?

Zipp Express has your answer.

Zipp Express empowers small businesses every day by helping them provide their customers with outstanding service and products. One of the ways we help is by providing them with local, easily accessed storage space in our large, conveniently located warehouse.

Below are just some of the many reasons renting space in our warehouse may be the solution to your storage problems.

Better use of Retail Space: Our Small Business Storage Solution

Using retail space wisely is important. Whether you have a small boutique or you share retail space with another business, how you use your available space matters. Especially if you want to showcase a wide selection of products. And to stay on top of the market, you need to replenish popular items before they sell out.

Onsite storage typically holds—at best—a week’s worth of products. And during holidays, it can be difficult to keep frequently purchased items on hand. You need an economical way to keep products readily accessible.

Zipp Express has your small business storage problems covered. Our 40,000 square foot warehouse has plenty of room for your reserve stock. And with our  25-ft ceilings and 40-ft column spans, we can house everything from large equipment to huge pallets of products. So if you carry an item that’s in high demand, you will never have to use the words, “Sorry! We’re out of that.”

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Per unit costs are nearly always smaller when you buy in bulk. Small savings add up fast—especially if you’re still in your first few years of business. When you spot a deal on something—whether it’s paper towels, Christmas tree ornaments, office supplies, or a popular gadget—you need the freedom to buy it up while it’s still available. But as a small business, if you don’t have enough onsite storage for it, you can’t take advantage of this.

Rented space in a warehouse gives you the extra room to store large pallets of bulk goods. Whether you sell merchandise, manufacture your own goods, or run a business that provides intangible services to clients, having fast, constant access to low-cost supplies is important to your bottom line.

Zipp Express can store your bulk shipments until you need them. And if you are too busy or can’t spare the employees to come get supplies when you need them, Zipp can deliver them to your store or office. With our LTL rates, you can afford to have only what you need brought over when you need it.

Store Displays, Seasonal Decorations, And Extra Shelving

Colorful displays and holiday decorations are an important part of any businesses’ success. They invite interaction—catch customers’ eyes and help drive sales. During holidays, they boost the level of excitement and anticipation, increasing store traffic, resulting in more sales.

During the holidays, businesses often need extra shelving to hold the increased amount of merchandise—especially popular hard-to-get items like children’s toys.

Some businesses choose to rent displays rather than store them, but this costs money, which decreases profits. Especially if store owners regularly alternate between different decorations. Once a store owner knows what works, it makes sense to buy them. The same goes for shelving.

Zipp Express understands small business storage needs and makes it easy to store your displays as well as to retrieve them. We have eight dock doors with ramps that can accommodate loads and trucks of any size. So not only is it easy to locate your stored items, it’s easy to load them up and get on your way too!

Speaking of Holidays

Seasonal shopping such as Christmas and Black Friday is famous for attracting huge crowds of shoppers and driving sales through the roof. Most retailers look forward to these months to make up for any shortfall during the rest of the year.

In a world filled with big box stores and online shopping like Amazon, if small business owners want to compete, they have to step up operations. Stores need to stock up on hot items as well as the usual merchandise, hire more employees, and make sure they have enough in storage to cover unexpected spikes in certain purchases.

But without access to adequate storage space, “stocking up” is difficult. Trying to find items in an overfull stockroom is not only frustrating, it’s risky. You run the risk of lowering your profit margins with unnecessary breakage or telling a customer you don’t have any more when you actually do.

If you’re a small business owner hoping to compete against larger businesses, you’re going to need a warehouse that understands your need for business storage. Zipp Express can be that warehouse. Your expensive merchandise is secure while in our possession. We monitor our warehouse 24/7 using cameras and security personnel.

And if your merchandise is especially valuable, we can house it in our completely enclosed 2000 sq foot caged space. Your jewelry, sensitive equipment or high value electronics can be safely stored behind a door that is only accessed with swipe card technology and is under the same 24 hour surveillance as the rest of our warehouse.

Zipp Express has a state-of-the-art storage system that tracks exactly where we stored your items in our warehouse. So retrieval is as simple as telling us what you need us to locate for you.

Centrally Located and Easy Access

A centrally located local warehouse reduces the time between the call for your freight or display and when it’s delivered to your place of business.

Zipp Express’s warehouse is located one mile west of I-270 off I-70, just ten minutes from St. Louis Lambert Airport and near the interstate. Our proximity to the airport makes pickups and drop-offs fast and easy. Our drivers make this run daily. And because they are all TSA certified, they don’t have to wait in line. If you have freight coming, we can pick it up and take it directly to our warehouse or to your place of business. We have eight loading docks with cross docking available.

Our standard business hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 7-6:30. However, if you need access to the warehouse or need to set up a delivery time, we will happily work with your schedule. Our dispatchers and crews are available 24/7/365 days a year.


Make Zipp Express the go-to solution for all your small business short-term and long-term business storage needs. We look forward to doing business with you!

Give us a call at 314-842-8877 and see what we can do for you or contact us online.

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