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by | May 20, 2020

Now, more than ever, it is important to support local businesses.  Zipp Express is locally owned and operated, serving metro St. Louis and beyond for over thirty years. We are proud to be the local trucking service that so many trust to keep their own business going.

The Zipp Express Advantage

  • Our employees live in the community and support the local economy.
  • Our drivers know the area and are able to navigate road closings and other challenges to delivery your freight on time, every time.
  • Our management team is here interacting with the staff on a daily basis, ensuring our vision and standards are implemented throughout the delivery process.
  • Many of our customers are located in the greater St. Louis area and personally interact with our team.

Quarantine Has Changed How We Live

In recent weeks, the Coronavirus outbreak has driven the demand for medical related products to an all-time high. Even those non-medical industries like paper products and groceries must continue to meet their customers’ needs.

Shopping by mail has also skyrocketed as people quarantine in their homes. Local businesses are working hard to adapt as customers choose delivery over personal shopping. In order to serve their customers, local businesses must keep their operations and products moving. Now more than ever, local trucking services are needed.

Stay Local, Stay Safe

Shopping local is a safe way to operate right now. The closer we stay to home, the better. It’s the same for your delivery companies.

If you’re a St. Louis local business owner, then you should be confident in your St. Louis local trucking company. A trusted company like Zipp Express, in business for more than 30 years, delivers your shipments quickly during this critical time.

Local Trucking Service Benefits

Trucking companies that offer local services have distinct benefits. With our current conditions, it’s more important than ever to use local resources whenever possible. Even during non-critical times, having a local trucking company is an advantage.

Using Local Businesses Sustains Your Community

Small businesses often rely on one another as well as the community for support. Hiring a local trucking company means you are contracting with a business within your own community. You are supporting local jobs. The revenue and sales tax generated goes to support the services we share. When you use local businesses, you build your community. At Zipp Express, we often participate in community events to further support the St. Louis area.

We Know Your Neighborhood

Our Zipp Express drivers live in the communities we serve. That allows us to give a level of personal service no outside company can offer. Our team members are part of your community, so they know it as well as you do. Our drivers will automatically identify the best routes to take to ensure your shipments arrive on time. GPS tools only do so much. Local St. Louis drivers save you time and money because they know the city and the traffic patterns. They can easily find their way around traffic congestion caused by special events or road construction.


Zipp Express has spent years in the same community, building our reputation. We are well-established in the St. Louis area. Our reputation is built on more than 30 years of excellent customer service. You can be confident Zipp Express will handle your load efficiently and safely, every time.

Do You Need a Local Trucking Service?

Hiring local companies also adds to the sustainability of your community. The more a community employs local companies for their goods and services, the stronger those small, local companies become. The community, as a whole, becomes more self-reliant and self-sustaining.

We are proud to be part of the solution to surviving these challenging times. For decades our customers have depended on us to keep their businesses operating. Our level of service and our professional standards have not changed. If you need local St. Louis area trucking services, contact Zipp Express.

CALL ZIPP EXPRESS at 888-556-8208. 


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