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by | May 6, 2023

“Last mile delivery,” also known as final mile delivery, is the final leg of a package’s journey. It actually covers far more than just a mile. Though many merchants are familiar with this process, here is a quick review for small or new businesses who are in search of a St. Louis last mile delivery partner.
There are five steps to the process:
Step 1: Orders placed by customers and entered into a central system (for example—Amazon).
Step 2: The order is shipped from the place of origin (such as an Amazon warehouse) to the final mile transportation hub (such as Zipp Express’s warehouse).
Step 3: Orders are assigned to delivery drivers, depending on the location and speed with which they can deliver it.
Step 4: Transportation hub staff scan orders before they are loaded into delivery vehicles.
Step 5: The order is then delivered to the customer’s location, scanned again to confirm delivery, and then either handed to the customer (curb), delivered to the first room (threshold), taken to a designated location within the building (white glove—usually reserved for medical equipment or large business office equipment).

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Where it begins is less important than where it ends and how soon it gets there. The final step is the most powerful part of the distribution chain. Why? Because the customer doesn’t typically doesn’t care about how their package gets to them, just that it gets there on time every time.

Final mile delivery is big business these days. Customers—whether corporations, hospitals, or private citizens—include timely delivery in their decision-making process. They will pass up purchases from merchants that can’t provide a definitive delivery option and search for those who can get their shipment to them sooner than later.

Zipp Express is THE St Louis last mile delivery service. We get your customer’s package there on time every time!

Let’s talk about what sets us apart from our competitors!

Zipp Express Courier Services

Owned and run by knowledgeable Locals

Zipp Express is locally owned and operated by native St. Louis residents. This is where we started our company nearly 35 years ago and our focus is on ensuring that we take care of the same community that gives us most of our business. We know St. Louis metro and the surrounding areas better than any final mile delivery chain because we drive these roads ourselves every day.

Furthermore, we prefer to hire locals whenever possible because they know the ins and outs of our city. GPS is great, but it doesn’t know when the game at the local stadium will end and what the traffic around it will be like. Locals do! And they know all the workarounds, the back roads, and the short cuts.

You can rest secure in the knowledge that your shipment will be in good hands with our drivers and delivery crews. We do extensive background checks on all staff, drivers, and crews and provide in depth training to everyone who works for us. In fact, when you request special training in the handling of sensitive equipment, we can do that as well.

Great Communication

One of the many reasons Zipp Express is considered the go-to St Louis last mile delivery service is our transparency. From the time we pick up your shipment to the time we drop it off, you can track its movement to ensure that it’s delivered to its destination on time. And any time you have a question call our offices during business hours and our staff can provide you with your answers.

Zipp Express relies on cutting edge technology to aid in the tracking and dispatching of shipments. We rely on Xcelerator to help us keep track of our trucks and driver so we can manage delivery as efficiently as possible.

small business storage needs

Numerous Delivery Options

Zipp Express delivers! Go ahead. Ask. Whatever your delivery need is, we’ve got it covered. We offer curbside, threshold, and for medical equipment we offer white glove service paired multi-man crews.

Need a package delivered by a certain time? We’ve got you covered.

Need freight picked up at the airport and delivered the same day? We can do that too. Zipp Express is located less than ten minutes from Lambert airport. We use TSA compliant drivers and staff that are in and out of the airport on a daily basis, easily skipping the lines and going straight to the terminal so we can collect your time sensitive shipment and get it where it needs to be with no delay.

If your customers need regular deliveries or one-time delivery, we can handle it.

Not limited by size or Contents!

Whether you need a large piece of equipment delivered somewhere in the St Louis metro or a time-sensitive document to one of our residents, we can help.

One of the ways we maintain our reputation as a premier St Louis last mile delivery service is to maintain a large fleet of straight trucks, sprinters, flatbeds, tractor trailers, vans, refrigerator trucks, and cars. So, we can handle shipments of any size or shape, whether it’s large equipment or parcels.

And our drivers are hazardous materials certified so we can safely deliver all chemicals without any concern for the safety of your freight or those receiving it.

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Storage options Available for more convenient local delivery

Need to store merchandise or supplies for convenient delivery for your St. Louis customers? Or maybe you need your shipment held until the customer has room for it in their store room? Zipp Express can accommodate you! We offer a secure, climate-controlled warehouse with 40,000 sq feet of storage facilities that includes a secure, caged storage space for shipments such as medical supplies and jewelry. This, combined with our eight dock doors and easy cross-docking system, makes getting in and out of our loading areas quick and convenient for everyone involved.

A large Final Mile delivery area

Though we are best known as a St Louis last mile delivery service, Zipp delivers to homes and business outside the metro area too! Our delivery area includes a 150-air mile radius, that includes all the main corridors in the St. Louis metro area and beyond, including as far West as Columbia and locations in Southern Illinois.

Zipp- Green trucks

Zipp Express is THE St Louis last mile delivery service

As you can see, Zipp Express is a great choice for your St Louis last mile delivery service. Reliability is central to everything Zipp Express does and has been for over thirty years. Our experience and determination to give the best service every time benefits our customers. And as you can see from our reviews on Courier Board, we deliver on our promises. Call 314-842-8877 today or contact us online and give Zipp Express a chance to show you what we can do for you!

Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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