Zipp Express Wants to be Your Final Mile Shipping Partner

by | Mar 15, 2021

While Zipp Express has 48-state authority for expedited runs and an extensive network, final mile delivery is where we really shine. Let’s talk about what a final mile delivery service is, what it does, and why you should choose us as your final mile shipping partner.

Final mile delivery services work like the spokes in a bicycle wheel. The primary purpose of a spoke is to shift the load from the hub to the rim, evenly supporting the weight of the rider and the frame. A final mile delivery service moves shipments between the hub (central warehouses) and local customers, whether they are businesses or residents. It is a vital part of the supply chain in any community.

It Begins with Demand

Zipp Express recognizes that no business is an island, least of all in a busy metropolitan area like St. Louis. For example, there is nothing quite like a freshly baked cinnamon roll with a cup of coffee in the morning. But because of the constraints of their schedules, people often don’t have the time to bake them. So they go in search of local bakeries who promise fresh cinnamon rolls every morning.

In order to keep up with this demand, those local bakeries need reliable commercial appliances and computers. However, it wouldn’t be cost effective for a small business to have people on staff who specialize in computer and appliance repair. So they outsource maintenance to other businesses with the expertise and tools to do the job. Those businesses need a steady supply of parts. The bakery needs flour and other ingredients to make those rolls. In order to meet these demands, the bakery, and the businesses they outsource their maintenance to need a reliable supply chain.

Zipp Express: The Next Step in Meeting Demand

The supply chain begins with manufacturers where the materials are assimilated or created. The manufacturers then ship to distributors (sometimes stores or warehouses) where customers or merchants purchase them, often over the internet. Those items are then shipped by straight trucks, flatbeds, and box trucks to a warehouse near the destination. This is where final mile distribution takes place.

In St. Louis, you have several options available. But Zipp Express is the best choice for your final mile shipping partner.

  • We have 8 docks with ramps and cross docking capability. Long haul shipping partners love our docks.
  • We have a fleet of vehicles exactly right for the job: straight trucks, flat beds, box trucks, and cars. We never use more transport than you need.
  • If you need a shipment held until you’re ready for it, our 40,000 sq. ft climate-controlled warehouse has plenty of room. And if you need extra security, we have a 2000 sq ft caged space protected by swipe card technology.
  • We have 24-hour security with constantly monitored security cameras.
  • All personnel, from our drivers to our warehouse employees, are extensively background checked.
  • Our warehouse is near the interstate, located one mile west of I-270 off I-70, ten minutes from St. Louis Lambert International airport. This makes picking up and dropping off convenient and quick.
  • Speaking of the airport, if you need something picked up there, our drivers are all TSA Certified, which means they can retrieve your freight from the cargo area.
  • Because of our proximity to the airport we can offer NFO services for those shipments that need to go out at the last minute.

  Zipp Express Delivers: The Final Step

Once your shipment reaches our warehouse, we place it on one of the vehicles in our fleet. From there, it is delivered to you by a member or members of our team.

Our drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year. Not only do they have the already mentioned TSA certifications, they are also hazardous materials certified. This means that if you need something like medical supplies or combustive materials like propane to be delivered, they have the knowledge needed to deliver it safely. And if you need same-day delivery, we can do that too!

Zipp Express hires local drivers. Because of this, we have team members who are already familiar with the city and surrounding areas. They are prepared for the ins and outs of freeways, rush hours, and which streets will get them where they need to be in a timely fashion. The skill sets of our drivers combined with mapping technology and GPS makes them unbeatable.

Zipp Express delivers to final-mile locations within 150 square miles of St. Louis. This includes points in southern Illinois and as far west as Columbia, Missouri. So if you’re in a small town within this large area, we can just as easily deliver to your business as we do for those within city limits.

When our drivers arrive at your place of business, they will provide you with all requested paperwork. We offer a variety of delivery options – curbside, threshold, and specialty white glove service. And they will already be briefed as to your preference.

It Doesn’t Have to Stop at the Door

Curbside service means we do not enter any buildings in order to make the delivery. Our team member will present you with your shipment at your door or leave it in an agreed upon location outside your building. If you requested special paperwork, they will provide you with that as well.

Threshold delivery means we will deliver it to the first dry room. As a rule, this is a storage room or garage.

White Glove Delivery is a specialty delivery service that includes extra crew when called for. We bring the delivery to the room of your choice, set up whatever we deliver (equipment, furniture, etc.) and clear away packaging materials and any other resulting debris. Upon request, we can train our team members to set up your specific item.

Zipp Express will never charge you for more vehicle than you need. We will not bring your couch to you in an otherwise empty straight truck and charge you for the straight truck. And we also offer LTL (Less than a Truck Load) service for those times you don’t need an entire shipment.

Your Final Mile Shipping Partner

Zipp Express has served St. Louis for more than thirty years. We understand how important reliability is to local residents and businesses. Our experience and professionalism make us the best final mile delivery service in the city and we can be your final mile shipping partner.

Call us today and give Zipp Express a chance to show you what we can do for you!

Remember –  Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

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