Zipp Express’s Final Mile Delivery Service

by | Mar 1, 2021

Zipp Express’s Final Mile Delivery Service is the best in St. Louis! And that’s not just how we see ourselves.

There’s a reason you’re here. You are shopping for a local final mile delivery service. So either you asked around and someone recommended us, or you googled “Best St. Louis Final Mile Delivery services” and we showed up at or near the top. It’s not an accident. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we really are the best.

Your merchandise often travels many miles before it gets where it’s going. Whether it’s your business or your customer’s doorstep, you want this process to be quick and efficient.

Let’s talk about what Final Mile Delivery is, why you need it, how it works, and why you should choose Zipp Express as your Final Mile Delivery Partner.

What is Final Mile Delivery?

“Final Mile Delivery,” sometimes known as last mile delivery, describes the last leg of a shipment’s journey before it arrives at its destination. Whether the service picks it up at an airport or collects it from a local warehouse, the company who delivers the shipment is the final mile delivery service.

In an era in which online shopping has largely overtaken brick-and-mortar stores, final mile delivery is playing an increasingly larger role in getting products to customers. Customers value speed of delivery. On average, they expect their shipment within three days of ordering. They also look for “free shipping” with increasing frequency.

Having a reliable, budget-friendly delivery chain is imperative to the success of businesses. Zipp Express fits this profile.

Why do you need a Final Mile Delivery Partner?

Companies like Zipp Express are best suited for Final Mile Delivery because we have trained drivers that know the city or territory better than those of a larger company that specializes in over-the-road driving. We are an economical choice because we use the right transport for the job.

 How does Zipp Express’s Final Mile Delivery work?

There are several steps involved in the delivery of merchandise. Below is a simplified description of the process. In reality, depending on where the package is coming from, it can change hands more than once before arriving at the transport hub where the final mile delivery service takes over.

  1. Someone enters the order into an online system. Sometimes this is a customer. Sometimes it is a merchant. Both sender and end recipient (the business or individual who ordered it) receive order numbers and an expected delivery date.
  2. An employee retrieves the order from the warehouse of origin. They package it and apply a shipping label that includes a tracking number.
  3. It is then sent to the first transport hub.
  4. The transport hub scans and assigns the shipment to specific transport depending on the destination.
  5. Personnel scan it again, and it’s loaded onto the truck or plane. At this stage, status updates for orders begin.
  6. If the item begins its journey in the hands of a delivery service that does not handle final mile transport, it will arrive at a transport hub that belongs to a final mile delivery service. They scan it again and put it on another truck or van.
  7. The delivery service then delivers the shipment to its final destination—either a brick-and-mortar store or customer’s residence.

Why is Zipp Express the Best Final Mile Delivery Service in St. Louis?

Zipp Express has been in the business of serving St. Louis’s final mile needs since 1989. We know St. Louis and the surrounding areas better than any other local service.

While we have office hours like most businesses, many of our services and drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year. You can also request a quote on our website, track your packages through our client portal, and look up the services we offer.

You can be secure with the staff at Zipp Express. All employees are extensively background checked and trained. We hire local drivers. Our people already know the city and the surrounding areas before they come to us. And many of our drivers drive regular routes. This means they are especially knowledgeable about the interstates, exits, neighborhoods and businesses along their route. We also arm them with advanced mapping technology that helps them avoid the pitfalls common to large cities. This is especially valuable when on time delivery is important. And it’s always important.

We own a large fleet of trucks that includes straight trucks, box trucks, vans, and flat beds. Because we never use more truck than the job calls for, and our drivers are quick and efficient, we are a budget-friendly option.

Zipp Express’s warehouse is about ten minutes from Lambert International Airport, one mile west of I-270 off I-70. Our drivers are all TSA certified. So airport pickup is easy since they can go directly to holding and retrieve the shipments.

We deliver to all areas within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis, including all the main corridors in the St. Louis metro area and beyond the city limits. This includes Columbia and a portion of Southern Illinois.

We offer many other delivery options, including specialty services, that can be combined with Final Mile Delivery. These crews already have special training in how to unload and handle sensitive cargo such as medical equipment and fragile items. We happily provide extra training upon request.

Our 40,000 square foot, temperature-controlled warehouse offers 8 dock doors with cross-docking capability. This makes for quick and easy hand-offs between shipping partners and local drivers. And if you need short term storage, we’ve got you covered.

Your shipment is safe with us, but if something unexpected happens while it’s in our possession, we are fully insured against loss.

Have More Questions?

As you can see, Zipp Express knows the final mile delivery business. And we offer other services as well. So give us a call at 314-842-8877 We’d love to hear from you.

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