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Zipp Express is The Best Final Mile Delivery Service
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For more than thirty years, Zipp Express has been filling St. Louis’s need for trustworthy delivery and storage. We began as couriers, delivering parcels and legal documents, but when we saw a need for a final mile delivery service, we expanded our reach. And every time we’ve seen another opportunity to add to our offerings, we’ve done so. We are now a full-service delivery company with a reputation for reliability and professionalism. The staff and employees at Zipp Express are proud of what we do. We are locals too and are committed to fulfilling our role in the community.

So, what makes us stand out from other final mile delivery services? We’re glad you asked!

Our Warehouse

Convenient Docking: The Zipp Express warehouse has 8 docks with ramps and cross docking capability. Long haul shipping partners love our docks because they are large, and it’s easy to maneuver in our lot. This makes partnering with us as a final mile delivery service convenient and is a win for both the shipping partner and the customer who needs their shipment to arrive on time.

Storage: If you need a shipment held until you’re ready for it, our 40,000 sq. ft climate-controlled warehouse has plenty of room. The Zipp Express storage facilities can easily accommodate construction equipment, medical equipment, surplus inventory, convention set-up and displays, plus much more.

Security: If you need extra security, we have a 2000 sq ft caged space protected by swipe card technology. This option is best for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and valuable shipments like jewelry. We have 24-hour security with constantly monitored state-of-the-art cameras inside and out.

Location: Our warehouse is near the interstate, located one mile west of I-270, just off I-70, ten minutes from St. Louis Lambert International airport. This makes picking up and dropping off convenient and quick.

NFO Convenience: Because of our proximity to the airport, we can offer NFO services for those shipments that need to go out at the last minute. And because of our large storage facility, we can store it on site until it’s time to ship.

Our Fleet

Final mile delivery needs come in all shapes and sizes. So we have a fleet of vehicles exactly right for the job no matter the size:

Straight trucks: for furniture, large medical equipment, and other larger cargo.

Flat beds: for large equipment, over-sized oddly shaped cargo, lumber, and other construction supplies.

Box trucks: For local deliveries such as automotive equipment, parcels, medical supplies and equipment, and more. We often use these trucks for regular routes.

Refrigerator Trucks: For temperature sensitive items like flowers and perishable foods.

Cars: For small parcels, payroll, time-sensitive legal documents, and one-time quick deliveries as well as regular delivery routes.

Zipp Express never uses more transport than you need, and we won’t cut corners and try to fit the shipment into a smaller vehicle than needed.

Our Methods of Final Mile Delivery Service

Zipp Express delivers to final-mile locations within 150 square miles of St. Louis. This includes points in southern Illinois and as far west as Columbia, Missouri. If you’re in a small town within this large geographic area, we can just as easily deliver to your business as we do for those within city limits.Final Mile Delivery Service

We rely on a mixture of the best route-finding technology on the market and human know-how for getting deliveries to customers on time every time. Our drivers are locals and know the area and the ins and outs of our busy metro area.

We offer a variety of final mile delivery services—curbside, threshold, and specialty services for businesses and hospitals.

Curbside: It is exactly what it sounds like—our driver brings the shipment to the street the business or residence is located on and places it on the property near the street.

Threshold delivery: The carrier will deliver the item to the first secure place on the customer’s property like a garage, overhang or entry of a warehouse. It is used when customers order bigger items that are hard to carry to the front of the property.

Specialty Delivery: This delivery option is used to deliver and set up sensitive equipment for hospitals and businesses. The shipment is brought to the room of the client’s choosing where our crew will unbox the item and set it up to their specifications. We can provide our delivery team with specialized training at the client’s request.

Regular Routes

A big part of our role as a final mile delivery service includes regular deliveries to the same businesses. Zipp Express drivers and trucks are available for daily, weekly, and seasonal routes. So if you have customers who need regular shipments and specific times, we can easily accommodate your needs. Whether it’s medical supplies, office supplies, machines parts, gardening supplies, grocery store stock, or more, we can easily work with your delivery partner to make the run on a scheduled basis.

Dedicated trucks and drivers are also available on a daily or weekly basis to substitute for your company drivers when they are on vacation. Zipp Express can tailor routes to fit all of our delivery needs.

Next Flight Out Delivery (NFO)

When you’re located in the St. Louis area, and you have a shipment that needs to be at destination on the other side of the country by a certain time, Next Flight Out (NFO) is the answer. And Zipp Express is your go-to NFO delivery company. We are within about ten minutes of the St. Louis Lambert International Airport and our drivers are in and out of their all the time—both collecting and dropping off air freight. We rely on TSA-compliant drivers and staff, which means they can skip the lines. This ensures that your freight will be at the terminal on time. This Zipp Express final mile delivery service is available 24/7/365. We can collect your shipment from any location you specify within our delivery area and deliver it to the airport. Or we can hold your shipment at our warehouse until you’re ready for it to be taken to the airport.

Our experience and knowledge of the St. Louis area ensures that your time-critical freight will be handled in a safe, fast, and effective manner.

Vetted Drivers and Crews

Our drivers are all fully vetted for your peace of mind. All of our employees undergo extensive background checks and in-depth training. You will never have to worry about who has your cargo and what they’re doing with it.

You can expect our drivers to be professional and knowledgeable about what’s expected of them. When they arrive at your place of business, they will provide you with all the requested paperwork.

If it’s a pick up, you can observe how much care they put into moving your cargo and placing it onto the truck. They will know how to use the equipment required to move the freight and will move it with the required attention to detail. And you can be sure that it will be treated with the same when we deliver it.

And you will see the same attention to care if they are delivering it to you. It will be treated with the same care, regardless of the method of delivery (as mentioned above).

If you need something picked up at the airport, our drivers are all TSA Certified, which means they can retrieve your freight from the cargo area and deliver it themselves.

Our Delivery Area

Zipp Express delivers to final-mile locations within 150 square miles of St. Louis. This includes points in southern Illinois and as far west as Columbia, Missouri. It doesn’t matter where you are within that delivery area; we are prepared to deliver on time, every time as promised. Our drivers and set-up crews will come prepared to deliver your freight.

If you’re in a small town within this large geographic area, we can just as easily deliver to your business as we do for those within city limits.

But what if you need something important delivered outside our delivery area?

Outside our delivery area

Sometimes you need something to get somewhere without the delays that can take place on loading docks and warehouses. And though we are primarily a final mile delivery service, we do offer expedited hot-shot delivery service to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. It’s fast and efficient method of delivery when you have time sensitive cargo and are concerned about the damage that comes with standard handling and transport.

We Are Determined to Stay the Best

Zipp Express is in constant pursuit of excellence. In that respect, we have a distinct advantage: our dedication to delivery execution and our commitment to our customers.   That is one of the reasons we are a member of the Express Carriers Association. This provides us with continuous access to educational opportunities. And it allows us to foster relationships with delivery partners and other final mile delivery services. This is how we stay on top of our game and the always changing needs of customers and the necessary technology. We want to be our best for our St. Louis customers.

With every service offered by Zipp Express, customer trust and satisfaction are our goals. We are fully insured and your deliveries are safe with our drivers.

 Contact us here or give us a call  today to find out more about our Special Services and what we can do for you! Remember! Don’t just ship it! Zipp it!

Christian Winkelmann

Christian Winkelmann

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