Zipp Courier Services

Courier Services

Zipp Express utilizes a fleet of cars and vans in the St. Louis area to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your parcels. We offer deliveries of all types, including small packages, envelopes, medical supplies, auto parts, appliances, and more. Whatever your delivery need, you can rest assured we will transport it safely and on time.

Small Parcels

Zipp Express utilizes a fleet of cars, vans, and covered trucks for delivery of your smaller items in your requested time frame. Zipp Express offers residential and commercial small parcel delivery options in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. Our drivers are professional, courteous, and have extensive background checks for your peace of mind.

Dedicated and Seasonal Routes

Zipp Express is proud to offer both dedicated and seasonal routes for your delivery needs. Our fleet of cars, vans, covered trucks, and sprinter vans are equipped to handle any size delivery. Zipp Express offers daily, weekly, and monthly delivery service routes to accommodate your time frame. Our experienced, professional drivers will handle any route, including pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, mail, payroll, banking, auto parts, or any other items you need transported.

Courier Delivery Services Zipp Express

Confidential Documents

Zipp Express offers delivery service for the timely and safe delivery of all your confidential documents in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our professional drivers have complete background checks to give you peace of mind, and you can rest assured that your confidential documents will arrive safe, secure and on time. Zipp Express delivers both residential and commercial documents, such as banking, medical records, and real estate closing documents.

Auto Parts

Whether on call or dedicated routes, Zipp Express has a fleet of dedicated vans, cargo vans, and sprinters to deliver your auto parts. Zipp Express will provide the appropriate vehicle and driver to handle your auto part deliveries wherever they need to go within a 150 air mile radius of St. Louis. .