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Zipp Express – St. Louis, Missouri
Climate Controlled. Monitored.
Safe & Secure

Locally Owned. Outstanding Crew. Exceptional Attention To Detail.

Zipp Has Room for You with our short and long term storage facilities!

Looking for short-term or long-term storage? Zipp has room for you!
Our warehouse has 40,000’sq ft of space, 25’ft ceilings, with 40’ ft column spans. We offer both short and long term storage. Our security system is state-of-the-art and monitored 24/7.
We store everything from medical supplies to large construction equipment.

Freight overflow? We handle that too. For example, if your storage area is temporarily full, we can hold your full merchandise pallets until you can make room for them. We can also store special occasion items like convention displays and folding chairs until you are ready to use them for an event. Zipp Express can also hold cargo until you’re ready for it to be delivered to clients or the airport. Our short and long term storage facilities are the best in St Louis.

For items that require extra security, we offer a 2000’ sq ft cage area. This space often stores jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and expensive equipment. It is accessed with swipe card technology, which limits admittance to warehouse personnel only.

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Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Sr. VP of Business Development and Operations

 Zipp Express Delivers:

Zipp Delivers Map St. Louis Missouri and surrounding area

Once your shipment reaches our warehouse, we place it on one of the vehicles in our fleet. From there, it is delivered to you by a member or members of our team.

Our drivers are available 24/7/365 days a year. Not only do they have the already mentioned TSA certifications, they are also hazardous materials certified. This means that if you need something like medical supplies or combustive materials like propane to be delivered, they have the knowledge needed to deliver it safely. And if you need same-day delivery, we can do that too!

Zipp Express hires local drivers. Because of this, we have team members who are already familiar with the city and surrounding areas. They are prepared for the ins and outs of freeways, rush hours, and which streets will get them where they need to be in a timely fashion. The skill sets of our drivers combined with mapping technology and GPS makes them unbeatable.

One more thing: Zipp Express will never charge you for more vehicle than you need. We will not bring your couch to you in an otherwise empty straight truck and charge you for the straight truck. And we also offer LTL (Less than a Truck Load) service for those times you don’t need an entire shipment.

With every service offered by Zipp Express, customer trust and satisfaction are our goals. We are fully insured and your deliveries are safe with our drivers. Zipp Express has a distinct advantage: our dedication to delivery execution and our commitment to our customers. Become one of our satisfied customers and contact us today for your courier needs!

Our goal: To Provide Service That Meets Or Exceeds Your Expectations. Every Time.

Zipp It

30 Years

Zipp Express

Customer Testimonials

The success of any organization is measured in the eyes of the people it serves.

I ordered another run to BJC this morning … you guys rock! I can’t tell you how nice it is knowing that if we set up a rush, it happens on time. I’m so happy we made the change.
Fred Honigfort

Novacolor, Inc.

The CVC is the sales and marketing organization responsible for selling St. Louis City and St. Louis County as a convention and meeting site and as a leisure travel destination. The CVC emphasizes a strong commitment to customer service, striving to exceed expectations daily. Similarly, Zipp Express is dedicated to providing superb customer service, as well as tremendous value, in their day-to-day operations.

The CVC would like to recognize Zipp Express for their invaluable partnership. We rely on the relationship with Zipp Express extensively that has resulted in a degree of support and service that far surpasses previous competitors. Chris, our Account Executive, and the Zipp team always take a personal interest in our quality of service.

Zipp Express continues to be an indispensable asset for the CVC, producing “First Class” performance. Thank you so much for your commitment to excellence!

Saint Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC)

At Grainger we value great service. Our motto states our dedication to provide exceptional service to every customer, every time. In order for us to execute on our motto we must rely on an extended team of external partners to “close the deals” we work on.

Zipp Express has clearly demonstrated a similar passion for great service and we value our partnership with your company. The consistent high level of service we receive from Zipp Express allows us to run a successful business and continue to wow our customers even after our shipments are turned over to an external partner.

Our business requires a lot of special delivery needs and the Zipp Express team has delivered solutions that work time and time again.

W. W. Grainger Inc.

Zipp Express has been an great partner in Fabick Cat’s success in Customer Service! We count on them to ship direct to customers, warehouses and other locations and they do so with the upmost integrity. Chris Winkelmann and their staff go above and beyond to support Fabick’s needs and also believe in our saying, right part, right place, right time. Without their help we could not achieve the customer service that we strive for.
Greg Crider

Central Region Parts Manager, Fabick-Cat

Zipp Express

Ready to get started?

Chris Winkelmann

Delivery Specialties

We are equipped to handle any size delivery. Small parcels are a common request for both residential and commercial customers. Unlike many courier services, delivering small parcels is not a problem for us.

Zipp Express will provide the appropriate vehicle and driver to handle your delivery needs. We can safely deliver confidential documents such as banking, medical records and real estate closing documents. If you need auto parts, medical equipment or other non-standard items delivered, we have the trucks for that too.

We will make sure that you have what you need, delivered by a trusted and experienced driver. No task is too great or too small, too unusual or too common, for our couriers. We will “go the extra mile” for you.

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