warehouse and commercial storage services

Warehouse And Commercial Storage Services

In addition to being St. Louis’s best final mile delivery service,  Zipp Express has unrivalled warehouse and commercial storage services for both shipping partners and local businesses. The Zipp Express warehouse offers 25’ ceilings and 40’ column spans with 40,000 square feet of space to easily accommodate all your cargo, commercial storage, and delivery needs.  The Zipp Express warehouse is monitored with state-of-the-art security cameras.

We are conveniently located in St. Louis, just one-mile west of I-270 off I-70, less than ten minutes from the St. Louis Lambert Airport. This makes us the perfect choice for Next Flight Out (NFO) shipments that must be some place by a specific time. We can collect your shipment from any specified location within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis and take it directly to the airport. Or we store your pre-packaged shipment until it’s needed and ship it out upon request. We can also recover last minute shipments from the airport just as quickly. And our drivers and staff are TSA-compliant. That means that they’ve undergone all necessary background checks and training. They can skip the lines and go directly to the terminal to either collect your shipment or drop it off for shipment. Our experience and knowledge of the St. Louis area ensures that your time-critical freight will be handled in a safe, fast, and effective manner.

Standard hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 07:00 to 18:30 with 24/7/365 access available by appointment. Read on for more details!

Warehouse and commercial storage services

Final Mile Delivery

With a warehouse containing 40,000 square feet of space and full fleet of transport vehicles, Zipp Express is able to receive or recover any final mile freight and then make sure it is delivered to your consignee on your time schedule.

Our warehouse and commercial storage services include: electronically tagging your freight upon intake to ensure that it is easily located when the time to ship it out arrives, a high security caged space for expensive cargo, security cameras that are watched 24/7, and a flexible delivery schedule. For customers who need storage until they are ready for their freight until they are ready for it to be delivered, our facilities are large enough to meet the storage needs of most businesses.

This makes partnering with us as a final mile delivery service a win for both the shipping partner and the customer who needs their shipment to arrive on time.



Cross Dock

Cross docking has never been easier. Zipp Express’s  warehouse offers 8 dock doors that can easily facilitate cross docking of any size load. Shipping partners appreciate our lot because it’s easy to get in and out.  And thanks to our extensive warehouse and commercial storage services and trained crews, shipping partners can get in and out and on their way in a timely fashion. 

 Relying on a trained loading dock personnel and the newest tracking technology, we’re able to offload cargo from our transport to the shipping partners’ truck. And using the same methods, we can ensure that moving their shipments into our trucks for final delivery will be quick and efficient.   

In addition, Zipp Express offers both residential and commercial deliveries with curbside, threshold, white glove, and multi-man team service.

commercial storage

Warehouse and Commercial Storage services

With 40,000 square feet of space, 25’ ceilings, and 40’ column spans, Zipp Express in St. Louis can easily facilitate your storage needs. We  provide warehouse and commercial storage services to a wide variety of customers, securely storing things like: medical equipment, supplies, construction equipment, convention set-up and displays, plus much more.  The only thing we don’t store is explosives.

If you’re a small local business with limited storage space, let us serve as your second storeroom! You can take advantage of great wholesale prices and make sure you never run out of hot-ticket items. Your mechandise is never more than a phone call away. Combine our warehouse services with our on demand delivery services to create an uninterrupted supply chain.


warehouse and commercial storage services

Secured Area

Zipp Express provides warehouse and commercial storage services to a wide variety of customers warehouse and we know that the security and peace of mind is important to our customers and shipping partners. That’s why our warehouse and all other facilities are monitored with state of the art security cameras focused on the floor and at the entrances. For high-value freight such as jewelry and pharmaceuticals that require additional security, we offer a 2,000-square feet of caged space. At Zipp Express, we take the security of your items seriously, therefore, each team member must pass a thorough background check to ensure the security of your cargo.

We rely on electronic tagging to ensure that we can easily locate and retrieve all freight-regardless of location-upon request. Rest assured that your cargo is in good hands.